Keiran C (keiran) wrote in bad_service,
Keiran C

Another nightmare in alterations

Seeing xhollydayx's post reminded me of my own alterations nightmare.

A couple of years ago, the company I worked for went out of business. I stayed with them until my position was no longer needed, then I went to a vocational school while unemployed to brush up on my skills and get my Certificate to help me in the job hunt. Toward the end of schooling, I started shopping for interview clothes, and (as always) sleeves on clothing in my size always end up being way too long for me - with the cuff ending at my finger tips or hiding my hands completely.

Since these were interview clothes, I decided I wanted to look nice and not like my clothes were just "too big" and took a couple of dresses & jackets in to have the sleeves altered. At the time, I wasn't in a rush. I was still in school, had a week or two before I would start interviews, and it was during the holidays meaning other people were having alterations done for parties. So, when I went in and they asked how soon I needed it, I made the mistake of telling them I was in no rush, and whatever worked for them would be ok. They gave me a date and time, I agreed to it. I asked how much it would be, she counted my items and quoted me a price.

I get there at the end of the week, on the agreed upon date and time, to pick up my items. Nope - not ready. They hadn't even started on them. She had holiday dresses that were rush and I was 'no hurry', so they figured it didn't matter. I asked, "when will they be ready?" She gave me a new date and time the next week. It was a couple of days before my first job interview, so ok. Fine. I get there - nope. Not ready. More holiday stuff. "You not in a hurry, right?" Well... I *wasn't*. But NOW I do need them, and soon. She couldn't understand that not in a hurry "at first" didn't mean I could wait forever for the items. I had been planning and left plenty of time to get it done, but now that time was running out so YES I NEED MY CLOTHES!!! Grr. We argue some, but then she agreed on a new date and time. It was after my interview, but I had something else I could wear that was still nice enough (just not as nice).

I come back again, on the next agreed upon date. They are finally done. The other manager (I got the impression it was her husband/family owned shop) was helping me. I explained to him all the issues I'd had, and asked for a discount, because of the fact that it took so much longer than what was initially agreed upon. She was within hearing distance, and comes out and starts griping about how I told her that I was in no rush, so it didn't matter how long, and that she'd already given me a discount when she initially quoted me prices. Well, a) as stated above, I wasn't in a rush to begin with, but I did still need them by a certain date which we were now well past and b) she never once TOLD me that the quoted prices were a discount. I'd never been in their shop before, they had no prices posted, and I'd never had any alterations done, so I had no idea what normal prices are. Typically, if someone offers a discount, they say "Well, it's usually $___, but I'll do it for $___ since you aren't in a rush". Not just "Oh, it costs $____." This went around a few times, and finally the gentleman gave me a discount - mostly to just shut me up and get me out of the store. I was not being loud or rude - I was just standing my ground and he could tell there was no way I was leaving the store without that discounted price.

In the end, I discovered the alterations were VERY poorly done, all the hems in the sleeves fell out. It was just... horrible all around. Less than a year later, and the storefront was empty. They'd gone out of business. It may be bad of me, but I have to admit I was pleased when I discovered they'd closed for good.

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