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*Ahem* Excuse me. Terribly sorry about this.

Well, great. I've never done something this simultaneously brave and stupid before, but I feel like maybe... I might be missing something here.

Firstly, I just joined out of pure impulse. I'm usually a lurker ya know, to get a feel for the community, but not for this.

Secondly, I feel like I'm possibly not the only one with this issue.

Thirdly, this'll probably be my only post here ever, but I cannot guarantee it.

So if this is inappropriate for this community, then I'll take my problem elsewhere immediately.

I'm a Sophomore, applied to CSU. Everything seems average; nice school, okay teachers, good, good. There's only one thing... My FAFSA. My god, damned, FAFSA. Yeah, FAFSA can be a cool thing; nifty, safe, free, the works. But MY FAFSA, man. I don't know... Seems a tad backwards.

Currently, I'm living with my ma. So, I gotta use her pin. Easy, yeah? Problem: I can't use the pin. Duplicate? Nothing. Change properties? Nada. It's not that the pin is not active, it's just that the pin does not work. This has been going on since last year. So, last year; we called up the FAFSA peps. Gave us the run-around. Problem: Still unsolved to this day.

So, what do I do? Well, I have to mail them in from now on. But, whoops! Made a tiny mistake on this year's FAFSA. Answered 'no' on the Work-Study question when I really meant 'yes'. So, I gotta correct it. Problem; no more printer ink and the last time I printed was at CSU. So I decided; "Ya know, I should just... Edit it on my page. It should be easy... Right? It's only one little mistake... Besides, why would I want to fill it in again?" So that's what I did.

I had to actually make two edits, but whatever; I tried the mother's pin again... Nothing. Oh! And here come's the best part; customer service. FAFSA has a Live Chat, so I give it a shot.... I should've gotten my hopes up.

This is Heavily Edited with Dashes: ---

Marie ---: I have been having trouble with my mother's pin on the FAFSA since last year, which is why I have been mailing one in these days. And now I need to make a small edit with the one I mailed in recently. What should I do?

New party ('Denise ---') has joined the session

Denise ---: Thank you for contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center. I'm Denise, your online Customer Service Representative. Give me a minute to review your question, and I'll do my best to assist you.

Denise ---: 15:30:46

Are you the student on the application?

Marie ---: 15:31:55

Yes. My mother's pin is activated but does not seem to work.

Denise ---: 15:32:24

I'll need to take a look at the file. In order to do this, please provide me with all of the following:

--- Stuff ---

Marie ---: 15:32:52


Denise ---: 15:34:04

Thank you, just a moment please.

Denise ---: 15:34:38

The 2013-2014 application processed on ---/2013 and was made available to the schools indicated on the application the next business day. Your school will use your FAFSA information to determine the exact amount of the financial aid award and disbursement details. Please contact a financial aid administrator at your school if you have questions or need additional information. Your PIN is active.

Denise ---: 15:34:44

What correction are you needing to make?

Marie ---: 15:35:12

About Work-Study: No to Yes.

Denise ---: 15:36:19

I'll need to check your parent's PIN status. Please provide his or her full Social Security Number (without dashes), full first and last name and date of birth (without slashes).

Marie ---: 15:38:10

Hold on Just a minute

Denise ---: 15:38:45

Please let me know when you have the information.

Denise ---: 15:40:12

Are you still there?

Denise ---: 15:42:30

Are you there? If I do not get a response from you soon I will have to end this session so that I can assist other customers.

Marie ---: 15:42:48


Denise ---: 15:42:59

Do you have your mother's information?

Marie ---: 15:43:09


Denise ---: 15:43:33

What is her full name please?

Marie ---: 15:43:33


Denise ---: 15:44:09

Her PIN is active. She needs to follow these steps to find her PIN: We show that you have an active PIN. If you would like to request a copy of it please go to and select "Request a Duplicate PIN". It will ask you to answer your challenge question to confirm your identity. You can see your PIN right away by selecting "Display Now".

Marie ---: 15:44:48

We have tried these steps last year. No avail.

Denise ---: 15:44:59

For assistance with this particular issue we suggest calling in to the Federal Student Aid Information Center for further help. Please call 1-800-433-3243 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Marie ---: 15:45:18

I believe the system is bugged. And federal aid always gives me the run-around.

Denise ---: 15:46:22

They system is not bugged. Please call 1-800-433-3243 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time to assist you.

Marie ---: 15:46:43

No. I will not. Because I have tried that before. It did not work.

Denise ---: 15:47:21

Is there anything else I can help you with?

Marie ---: 15:47:39

What do you mean? The problem has not been solved!

Denise ---: 15:48:53

I have given you the steps for your mother to access her PIN. She needs to follow those steps to find her PIN. I can mail you out a SAR to correct the work study if you would like. The SAR will get to your home in 7-10 days, you will correct the information you wish to correct, you and your parent will sign it and mail it back to us for us to process.

Marie ---: 15:49:47

Well, I guess that could work, but I still wonder why someone cannot just fix the pin in the first place.

Denise ---: 15:50:31

The PIN for her is perfectly fine. What is your postal mailing address please?

Marie ---: 15:50:57

No it is not, because it is not being accepted.

Denise ---: 15:51:10

What is your address please?

Denise ---: 15:53:02

Are you still there?

Marie ---: 15:53:02


Denise ---: 15:53:25

I have mailed out the SAR. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Marie ---: 15:54:36


Denise ---: 15:54:45

Thank you for contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center. If you have further questions, please contact us again Monday-Friday 8:00am until 11:00pm Eastern Time. You can contact us via live chat or over the phone at 1-800-433-3243.

Party ('Denise ---') has left the session. 15:54:45

Party ('Marie ---') has left the session. 15:54:45

Live Help was finished

--- --- ---

At least she mailed the SAR, but I don't know how that's gonna help the situation. It just puts a band-aid on it, really. Next year the pin's still ain't gonna work, but let's just hope that I've moved out by then or else it'll be the same shit all over again. I hope not. Really. I mean, it's bad enough that I have to mail it in now-a-days in the first place, it's just so inconvenient when I have a perfectly good FAFSA account!

So... Yeah. Hope I'm the only one that seems to be going through this. And oh, trust me when I say; the pin is right. There is no way that pin was wrong.

EDIT: Edited down. Again, sorry and sorry again for the trouble.

MAJOR EDIT: After a failed attempt last year to make a Duplicate pin, I finally was able to create one. I tried the pin, and it managed to go through the system. Again, I am not sure why the Duplicate pin did not work or why the original did not work, as well, especially since it had worked for me the very first time that I had used it. I'm not sure whether, when the original was reactivated, that there was some bug in the system, or that it was somehow changed around by something else.

Sorry again for bringing trouble to this community. I did not realize what I was saying, at first. I admit it--- I got frustrated. However, it was only because I knew what had happened last year-- I just may have gotten unlucky and had an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately my nor my family has no patience for automated customer service nor something that is not working, but we did try this several times last year to no avail. I'm not sure. Maybe something was improved. However I do appreciate the help of FAFSA Service and some of you all. Again I did this out of impulse and felt like I needed some help.

Again, sorry for the trouble you all. You probably will not be hearing from me again. My apologies.
Tags: bolding for fun and profit, no one cares it's your first time, school woes, yay for unrelated details
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