Sammy (libwitch) wrote in bad_service,

because I love looking at retreating backs

innocent customer: me
Employee 1
Employee 2

There is a huge line at the Friendlys' at the mall. Employee 1 is trying to work the register and make all the takeout. There are no less then 4 employees standing around the counter area, making plans for their bar hoping that night.

Employee 2 finally (I had been in line for close to 5 minutes at this point) steps forward and offers to help someone at the second register. I step forward and order.

Employee 2 to Employee 1: I will ring this in, but you will have to make it. I don't have time.
Empoyee 2 (to me): $4.00. (not the lack of courtesy here. Not, that will $4 or anything in a sentence)
she grabs my money
Employee 1 (looking at the every growing line of customers): Actually, you are suppose to be working take out too, and if you right them out, you are suppose to do their order, too.
Employee 2: Fine then! (throws the money on the counter and walks away. Didn't say a word to me, or hand me back my money. Just left.

I know the store manager. He was rather amused to tell me that Employee 2 said I was rude because I turned around and left instead of waiting for Employee 1 to make my milkshake.
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