trexi72 (trexi72) wrote in bad_service,

Student loans

I was checking my bank account today, when I noticed a charge from the student loan provider.

I thought it was a little strange, since I was sure I just sent them a large payment. Sure enough, I look back and they received my payment. I have it set up for auto payments to get a slightly lower rate, but I have always been able to pay more and it would extend the next due date. I get online to chat with a rep and I am told they recently changed their policy and I should have gotten an e-mail. I double check because perhaps I missed it, but nope, no e-mail. When I look on my online statement, no word of the change. I ask to have the extra payment refunded as I did not receive any notice of this change. The lady just keeps telling me this is what I agreed to, which I clearly did not. I asked her to cancel all future auto payments (it will apparently only save me about $5.00 to have the auto payments) and wrote this letter to the company (Nelnet student loans) I guess I should of known better than to expect good customer service from loan sharks.

"In the past, I have always been able to pay ahead and extend the due date for the auto payments. Apparently, recently that was changed. According to your customer service, I "received an e-mail stating this fact." I did no such thing. I am outraged that you are making such a drastic change in your billing policies and did so little to make sure your customers were aware. Despite what your "customer service" rep kept telling me, I did not receive ANY communication regarding this change. When I asked to have the payment refunded, as I just made a $200 payment, I was told it was not possible because I agreed to it. I assure you I did NOT! I am incredibly disappointing in the lack of service your company provides. Lucky you for, us poor folks who are stuck with student loans have very little options of where to turn elsewhere. "
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