jakie_em (jakie_em) wrote in bad_service,

shitty bank

It is bad enough that citibank like to update their online banking regularly (almost every night) at 11.30 AEST, which is 8.30pm AWST in summer, something they don't bother to tell customers in advance and something I only ever discovered when i went to use online banking. this is mre than an annoyance because whenever it is convenient for me to pay my bills their website s down. this week shittibank reached a whole new level of Shitty....

on Monday I went to pay Some bills. with shittibank you have to have your mobile handy to get a One Time Pin (OTP) to make payments from your account, because a username and password are not secure enough. when i went to pay my bills though, my OTP didn't come through to my phone...

I tried 9 times to get a OTP. i then downloaded the app and couldn't get one through there either

I have had the same mobile number now for about 6 years (and I have only been with Shittybank about 12 months), so it couldn't be my mobile and the last 4 digits they were showing were correct.

i figured it was just another upgrade that they were doing at an inconvenient hour and left it til the weekend.

today it still wasn't working

I called citibank and they informed me that they changed their whole online banking system on the 21st of april. I knew there was a change in regards to accessing the accounts coming though, but changing everything is a bit severe... maybe it will stop them having to update the system EVERY FVCKEN NIGHT.

anyways, they tell my my mobile number is formatted wrong for the new system. it was fine for the old system so incorrect formatting is their fault, not mine. they correct it. still no OTP. they get me to log in again and send the OTP again. still none.

Obviously it is my phone then, so they call it... and I answer.

everything is working for me, just not them. i cant access my money on line at all which means I cannot pay bills and I cannot transfer money to my high interest bank account, costing me interest.

meanwhile i am already in the process of opening an account with ING because at least they don't have THE WORLDS WORST ONLINE BANKING. that award goes to Citibank

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