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So. I hate Comcast. More then anything.

We reciently moved into this new aparement. The first time we called comcast they told us we would have to wait until the day it was schedualed to turn off to call to set up the appointment. I thought it was dumb that I had to wait until my cable and internet were off to even schedual and appointment. So we called again and the new person set us up an appointment for the day ot two after the internet would go off (since it went off on sat and we weren't going to be home).

Since then its been okay. That was at the beginning of June. this past week (since monday) we've seen a heavy slow down in the internet. Its was odd. Now I play Wow (world of Warcraft). I've been doing it since the 11th with no problems (except at work where its slow), until I came back after a long weekend on Monday. I had a dial up like connection, which is dumb. So my roommate called comcast yesterday about it. They walked her though stuff and it didn't fix it. I told e I'd check out the router and make sure its okay before we call again.

So. I come home. I update the router. Make sure the restrictions are in place and nowon I didn't give the key too is using out connection. They are not.I plug directly into the cable box. I have a lsightly faster conncection but not what it was or what I'm paying for. If I wanted dialup I wouldn't be paying over $50 bucks a month for it. I triple check my shit, in case I missed something. I call my dad, who works as a a tech for AT&T he confirms with me on my shit. I call my brother, who worked for a cable company in FL. We check everyhting over the phone, seems like I've covered every base. Comcast will charge me about $50 for a service call if they come out and its my router, so I want to be sure. I get the number for comcast and call them.

I get this lovely lady. She was nice as all get out, but I could tell she didn't know her stuff and didn't want me on the phone with her. She rushed me through everything and when I would explain that what she was telling me isn't right, and that I KNOW it isn't right, that this wasn't a slow down for my all of a sudden gaming, it was a slowdown from something elsem she would keep saying, "It will do that.. that will slow it down".

Her: "Are you behind a router?"
Me: "Well, yes a wireless router"
Her: "Well that will slow you down."
Me: "I know, but see. I've had the router all along and just this week we've had that problem."
Her: "Well I'm jsut saying, that it will cause the slow down"
Me: "For two computers behind it? Not this much."
Her: "I'm just saying. Are you file sharing? gaming? downloading?"
Me: "Yes, playing an online game."
Her:"That will slow it down too."
Me: "Yeah I know, but I attched it to the cable directly and it still slow. Not to mention that this week has been the problem. I've been playing for over 2-"
Her:"Well gaming will make it slow."
Me: "But it wasn't slow before. It started on mon-"
Her:"Its your own system I'm sorry. Update your system and take it off the router and it will be fine. Thank you for calling comcast. Have a nice day"
Me: "WTF?!"
My roommate told me that she was afraid that I was going to punch something, or slam my head into the wall. she was actually afraid of me. I should mention that when I have to talk to tech support I get kind of bitchy. Mostly because I'm calling about something that one would think a simple command would fix, and I know it doesn't and noone wants to believe me. So I tend to get short and bitchy from years of dealing wiht IBM and Dell tech support. (I loath dell. I loath them 50 million times more then have my heart dug out wiht a spoon. I once tried to physically reach through the phone to murder a Dell technician... asshats, the lot of 'em)

I call back, ofcourse. I'm super pissed. My workds are short and said through grinded teeth.

New Dude: "Hi Comcast. How can I help you?"
Me: "Manager"
New Dude:"I'm...I'm sorry?"
Me: "Manager"
New Dude:"I'm sure I can help you wiht a problem."
Me: "Manager. NOW"
New Dude:"I'm sure that.."
Me: "Look.. *explain problem. What I tired, what didn't work. Every possible thing. Explained WoW and the router and how thats not it.* Manager, now."
New Dude: "No problem ma'am"

The mangaer gets on. I tell him its my third call and I'm sick of the run around. I tell him the problem and that I've tired what I can and it seems to be the box thats the problem. He asks is firday is okay for a tech to come out. I ask what time, she responds with 12-3 and I accept. I think him and we hang up.

There on site support isn't that bad. I can deal with them, phone morons... BAH!
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