Bloody Bitch (o0okireo0o) wrote in bad_service,
Bloody Bitch

Power Company Woes

I'm having an bit of an issue with NS Power. It's a bit confusing, I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

Basically, in 2008 I moved in with a guy. We agreed to put the power in his name, but the automatic withdraws would come out of my banking account. In June 2009, he moved out so I called NS Power and advised them of this, and that I will have nothing to do with his account in the future. They re-activated my account from older apartments and for the next 5 years that I lived there, the payments came happily off my account.

In May 2012, I moved completely across the country. I called and cancelled my account: reason moving to other side of country. Now, I suck at looking at my bank account. It basically depresses me because I am so broke all the time. I never had a reason to be worried about any. Anyways, a few weeks ago I was reviewing my bank account and I was like what in the hell is NS power charging me?!

So, I give them a ring and they are like no we're not. The last debit from your account was May 2012. And I was like well I'm looking at my account I can see the charges. So she digs a bit and low and behold, they never removed my banking information from my ex roommates account. He activated an account about 4 years later, they never told him the banking info was mine and he assumed his landlord was paying it since his bills didn't mention automatic withdraw. All and all I had around $1200.00 taken out of my account without my permission.

I remained calm and the nice woman I spoke with sent this to the payment department. Two weeks later, she calls me back and advises me that I will not get any of the money back as his account is now closed and they can't get any money back from him. So they kept my information on his account when I told them to remove it, billed me for two addresses for power for about 5 months and are REFUSING to give any money back to me.

I said thank you, hung up and called back to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor was not helpful. She was like you gave permission for your account to be used. and I said yes, at my old address which I lived for 5 years. Which I was living at when you were billing me for his account at a different address at the same time. Basically, I was pushed off and she's going to call me back tomorrow. I want to kick myself in the head for not noticing sooner, but I am amazed they will not refund money they took from me, off an account I told them to remove my banking info, while I was being charged for another address. I don't even know.

EDIT: Their payment/fraud department called me today and they are sending me a check for what was charged. They will be taking my ex to collections, and I learned a valuable lesson. CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS! Thank you for your kind words and suggestions, and I shall be more careful in the future, as not everything will work out.
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