Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Scammy carpark

Recently, my Dad came to visit me from Australia. He stayed at a local hotel downtown, who say on their website that they don't have their own parking, and that they recommend you use the self-parking garage across the road. So he parks his rental car there, gets a ticket, the usual.

The first time he exited, we were on our way to Vegas and were leaving early, but still an hour after they opened. There was no one in the pay booth, nor were there any automatic pay stations. So we wait, and wait, and after 10-15 minutes, a woman appears and shuffles into the booth. Dad hands her cash for the parking, and then she complains she has no change, shuffles off somewhere else grumbling under her breath the whole time, then comes back and finally we can leave. That was slightly irritating, but it was the next encounter that made me post here.

Dad parked the car at 15:02 on the 23rd of April, and went to exit at 10:06 on the 25th. Now, the carpark fees are clearly listed on numerous signs around the garage. The daily maximum is $15. There are other fees - if you arrive after 4pm, for instance, it's only $5 maximum. If you arrive before 9am, you get an earlybird fee. Pretty standard stuff, I think. So Dad spent a little less than 2 full days in the garage. The woman (the same slow one as before) charged him $55. We asked her why it was that much, and she kept referring to a $20 overnight fee, which isn't listed on any of their signs. There's no overnight fee mentioned anywhere. She then goes on to say that it really should be $77 (wtf) but that the computer made a mistake and said $55. She was very difficult to understand - she had a thick Indian accent and mumbled, and she just kept repeating the same stuff. Because we were on a tight schedule, Dad paid her $55, but kept the receipt.

The next day he addressed it with the hotel staff, who informed him that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, and that although they can get in trouble for doing so, they recommend you pay in a different parking lot a bit further away. They said the manager of the hotel doesn't want them recommending anywhere else to park because he has a deal with this dodgy park across the road. They did, however, offer him and his wife a free breakfast at the hotel, which ended up being a $37 value, so Dad accepted it.

He did try and talk to the manager of the carpark, but was told he wouldn't be in until Monday, 29th April at 09:00. Dad went across at 09:30 to try and talk to him, but was told that he wasn't there, and no one knew when he would arrive. As Dad had a flight to catch, he couldn't pursue it further.

In addition to all the fee fuckery, they also were doing a staggered pressure washing of the carpark during Dad's stay. The times for the different floors were outlined on signs in the elevator, and they started with the top floors and worked down. The day after the 3rd floor was washed, Dad went up to park there, as he needed to move from the bottom floors, and there were still "No Parking" signs on every single carpark, despite the fact that it had already been washed. Those signs remained until he left, so not only are they incompetent and scammy, they're lazy, too.

I'm thinking of contacting the hotel and expressing how unimpressed I am that they recommend this crappy carpark on their website, but I don't know how much they'll care because I personally didn't stay at the hotel, or park my car.

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