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Paper Boy Problems

Last year I subscribed to the local paper. I was paying $13/month for the Sunday paper only, which is all that I wanted. We had quite a few times where we didn't get our paper, which really got to me, but we dealt with it.
Well, sometime in January of this year, the press started calling basically every day asking if we wanted to switch to 7-day service for no additional cost. They wouldn't take no for an answer, so my fiance finally gave in and said yes. He called later and canceled the daily paper, but we kept receiving it for some reason, so we stopped picking it up. (Our apartments have little boxes for the paper.) If anything was there on Saturday, he'd throw it out so there was space for the Sunday paper. Of course, we somehow stopped getting the Sunday paper for some reason, so we stopped bothering with the papers in the box, and they ended up stopping our service in the beginning of March.
Or so we thought.
Now, I have all my bills paid online. I pay them at the beginning of the month, and up until this month we've just used the rest of the money as we liked. Didn't really keep track of it other than checking the balance online. (Yes, I know that's not the smartest thing to do, but we've learned our lesson.)
Well, this month has been extremely tight. My fiance lost his job, and we've had literally no money. I've kept $5 in the checking account just in case, but otherwise there's nothing available. I've been very conscious about this, and I haven't written any checks. There were no leftover charges from last month that hadn't already been taken care of, so imagine my surprise when I get an overdraft statement in the mail.
Someone had tried to charge $13 to my bank, and the check had been returned, and I had been charged a $20 overdraft fee. I couldn't figure out who the charge had come from, so I figured I'd wait and see who sent us a notification that something had been canceled and paid the fee. Well, this past Saturday I get something in the mail from the press basically saying that I hadn't paid my bill, and they were going to cancel my subscription. Now, seeing as they're closed on weekends, I figured I'd call them sometime this week.
Now, between having ADD and being really busy this week, I hadn't had a chance to call them. Today, I look at my account balance... Another overdraft fee. I look and, sure enough, it was for another $13 charge.
My fiance called them, and basically got told that we're still subscribed, and should have received our paper (all 7 days/week.) We told them our situation, and they're sending us a check for $39 to cover the past 3 months that we haven't received... As for the $40 in overdraft charges... "We'll see what we can do."
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