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I'm not entirely sure what to think

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from the gym at about 8.30 pm. I was thinking of redoing my nails later that evening, but I remembered I was out of top coat (my last bottle was an unfortunate casualty in a dog-related incident). There's a nail salon near the train station, and as I walked up the road I could see that the lights were on and the door was open so I went over and checked the closing time on the window - Closing time for that day (Thursday) was 9pm, so I still had 30 minutes. Excellent, this wouldn't take long.

Inside the shop there was a woman sweeping the floor and chatting with another woman sitting nearby, and a third woman sitting at the back of the shop drying her nails. When I stepped into the shop all three woman stopped sweeping/talking and turned to stare at me. Okay, that was a bit weird, but whatever. I looked at the nail polish in the rack by the door for about 15 seconds, during which time they just kept staring and it was making me really uncomfortable so I turned to talk to the lady with the broom:

Me: Can I buy some top coat?
Lady: (interrupting me half way through my question) We're closed. *Keeps staring*
Me: Oookay *backs slowly out of the store*

I checked the times on the way out to make sure I hadn't gotten it wrong, but it definitely said 9pm O_o It wasn't a public holiday and there wasn't any kind of notice up to say they were closing early, and even if I had walked in after closing they could have just said "Sorry, we're closed!" and I would have apologized and left. Their behaviour was just so bizarre and off-putting (and kind of hostile), so I don't think I'll be going there again!

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