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So, this is sort of a suck and sort of a 'frustrating no-win situation', so mods feel free to delete this if it doesn't fully meet guidelines. I was just thinking about this earlier and thought people on this comm might have some helpful advice about our options for what happens next.

So, my housemates and I rent a townhouse. It's located in a neighborhood of similar townhouses, all owned and rented out by one very large Canadian company. We've been living here for about a year, and we never had problems until last September or so. See, we're located near a college, so a LOT of the townhouses around here end up getting rented by students. Lots of parties, lots of noise, that sort of thing.

In October, our trash can got smashed in. Like, deliberately kicked around and the bottom nearly completely smashed. Annoying, but we figured it was drunk kids. Then, in November, our front door got tagged. Just ours. We told our rental company, and they came out and repainted our door, but couldn't really do anything else. It got cold and snowy soon after that, and we didn't have any more problems.

Then came spring. We've been egged THREE TIMES in the last five weeks or so, first on a Wednesday and then two Fridays in a row. And by egged, I mean that our windows were COVERED in egg goop from at least a whole carton of eggs. One of the times, we know it happened around 4 AM because the eggs slamming into our window woke me and my partner up. Our friend who lives on the third floor is a night owl and was still awake, he looked outside and actually saw the guys jump into their car and drive away. It wasn't anyone that he knows, and from his descriptions it's not anyone the rest of us know either, nor can we think of reasons for them to be targeting us. There is still egg up on our second story window and the wall around where they were trying to hit the THIRD story windows, because we cannot possibly reach up there to clean.

Here's where the sucking starts. After each incident, we've gone in and reported it to our rental company. The first time, both us and the company sort of shrugged it off as a random act of partying kids. But the second and third times made it clear it was deliberate. The rental company assured us that they have a security team that patrols at least once a night. Um. Could you maybe step that up, especially on nights that are known to be big party nights in this area? I get you might be understaffed, but the neighborhood isn't that big. Is it really that hard to get the security guys to patrol a little more often than 'once every twelve hours'? Especially with these known incidents going on?

We also asked them if they're going to send someone to clean the egg we can't reach. This isn't unreasonable, since the rental company takes care of other maintenance of the house, like if your dishwasher or heater breaks. It's part of our rental agreement. They agreed that they would, but it's been two weeks and we haven't heard back, and there's still egg all over our house.

It's scary, because we feel like we're being singled out for some reason. It's ONLY our house being hit. We don't know for sure that the egging and the incidents last fall are connected, but it seems really weird for coincidence. The only thing we can figure is that none of us have a car, so there's never a car in the driveway. But still, it's freaky and making us feel unsafe. And it's really frustrating that the rental company doesn't seem to care. I know it's hard to catch vandals like this, but is it unreasonable of us to be asking for more security? Is there anything else we could be/should be asking the rental company to do?

We're going to keep bothering them about cleaning the house since there's literally nothing we can do about it ourselves, and we've agreed between ourselves that if something happens again we're going to call the city police non-emergency number, because we're really afraid these guys are going to escalate if nothing's done to dissuade them.

Hopefully, it was just bored/drunk students and they've moved out at the end of the term. I guess we'll wait and see.

ETA: Thanks for the encouragement everyone. One of our housemates did stay up last Friday night, and no one showed up. We were all wondering if maybe we were overreacting in talking about calling the police, so thanks for the reassurances.
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