Patrick F (rainbowxgeek) wrote in bad_service,
Patrick F

I take mass transit (CDTA ftl) to work. Yesterday the bus I was going to take left two mins early. No "was running" early but left a stop where they can (are supposed to) wait until the scheduled time to leave.

Okay, annoying and screwed me at work but crap happens so I call and lodge a complaint but deal. I plan to head out a few mins earlier today. Except (herein lies the bad service)

It left at least FIVE mins early today.

So I'm once again late for work. Since we use attendance credits ill be penalized again. I'm infuriated.

And when I call I'm told that someone will call me back in 7-10 bus. days. Fine but is anyone going to say anything to the driver/s? Because if no one does how does one expect ten to stop?

Ugh I'm just… ugh.

Edit: I would agree that it's poor planning (and why I was annoyed by the two mins but not seriously). But where I live is the first stop from a time point where they're supposed to sit and WAIT for their time to leave (and I live across the street from the stop). Hence my distinction between leaving early and running early

I've been using this route since it started and this is a new issue. There is a computer on the bus that tells drivers when to leave. I understand running early along the route. But this stop is effectively a mini-terminal and they're NOT supposed to leave early
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