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Bad service on top of more bad service, with a side of bad service.

So, separately, these stories I'm about to tell are pretty mild, but as all but one happened in the same day, I've decided to go ahead and complain on bad_service about them!

So, last Sunday (4/14) at around 9:00 PM I had a sudden and severe toothache start up. And I mean "I want to slam my face into a wall" severe. So I called a local dentist that claims to offer 24/7 emergency service. Except not really, since I called their emergency number five times to page the dentist and nothing happened, ever. So cue my night of utter agony and despair. I somehow managed to fall asleep. In the morning the pain was not so severe, and it was a holiday here in Massachusetts, so I didn't bother trying the dentist again since it wasn't really an emergency anymore. I had intended to call on Tuesday, but on Monday Boston was bombed, on the same street my dentist office is located on, and that street was promptly shut down (rightfully so, no bad service there on Boston's part!) So basically, no dentist for me! At this point, my toothache wavered between non-existent and mild, so I decided to tough it out until things in the city settled. Then yesterday happened. Yesterday was a bad day.

My toothache went from "don't mind me, I'm no big deal" to mind-numbingly painful in the span of 20 minutes. So I decided this classified as an emergency situation again and decided I needed a dentist asap. But wait! The street my dentist is located on is still shut down, so I had to call a different office and see if I could get in there. Thankfully they could fit me in. So I see the dentist, and blah blah blah, dental stuff is discussed. I tell him the pain goes from "not too bad" to "kill me" pretty frequently and I need something strong for the pain. He prescribes me clindamycin to get rid of the infection and tylenol 3 (tylenol with codeine) for the pain. Since I've never needed to use Tylenol with codeine before, I had no idea it was the most useless painkiller ever. But I certainly was made aware of that last night when, at 9PM I was curled into a ball of agony on my floor in the most extreme pain ever. And that was after taking two of the tylenol. So the dentist prescribes me a painkiller meant to treat mild pain for a toothache that I described to him as incredibly severe. So thanks for that! Because of this, I ended up needing to take a cab to the emergency room because the pain was so bad I couldn't function.

Beth Israel is the nearest hospital, so I tell the driver to please take me to the emergency room at Beth Israel hospital. I've never been to this hospital and I was kind of out of it because of the pain, so when the cab driver dropped me off, I had no idea that he dropped me off at the west campus of the hospital, not the east campus where the emergency room is. So I ended up having to walk from the west campus to the emergency room because my cab driver was an utter moron. I get to the emergency room, and of course I have to wait a millennium, but that's to be expected. Finally at about 1:30 am I'm seen. I tell the doctor what's going on, who then informs me that yes, codeine is pretty useless, and they almost never prescribe it because it either doesn't work or barely works. So he inspects my mouth, proceeds to insult me by implying that I don't take care of my teeth, when I tell him that I do, in fact, take care of my teeth he says "you must just be really unlucky then." uh okay doc, thanks for making me feel really shitty about my appearance on top of the massive amount of physical pain I'm currently experiencing. Once he's done destroying my self-esteem he tells me he'll prescribe me a stronger pain medication. Yay, this is the first and only good thing you've done for me, you ass. About 15 minutes later a nurse gives me a percocet. YES THANK YOU. About 30 minutes later I'm given papers and my percocet prescription. By this time it's about 2:45 am, and I know that there's no way I can go to my 8am class, so I ask the nurse if someone can give me a doctor's note. So she pages the doctor. I wait for a while. She pages him again. I wait for a while again. She tells me she's going to go find him. She does, and he says he'll have the note for me soon. So I wait. I wait some more. The nurse pages him again. I wait. The nurse apologizes, says this is ridiculous, and goes to find him. She found him, got him to sign the note, and gave it to me.

At this point it is now 3:30 in the morning. It took him 45 minutes to sign his name on a piece of paper. I am cranky and exhausted. So much so that I leave the hospital and take a cab home without realizing that Dr. Asshole DIDN'T SIGN THE PRESCRIPTION. EYHQUHLGIUHEP9URHGOWUHEIUFHQKUYWGEOLW. My phone was on silent and he must have called while I was in the cab because he left me a message saying "I may not have signed the prescription, if that's the case it was clearly an oversight on our part, you're welcome to come back and get a signed one." No apology or anything, it was an oversight so no big deal, right? Except yes a big deal, because it's a $10 dollar cab ride to and from the hospital and I already did that once already. It was 4am at that point, and I couldn't get the script filled then even if it did have a signature so I decided to go to sleep and deal with it today. Got the new prescription, went to CVS to fill it, where I then had to fight with them because they saw that I had just gotten the codeine. I understand the caution, but this is a prescription from the emergency room that I spent a thousand years in, please give me my painkillers so I can go lay in bed and hate life. Thankfully they filled it, but not without a healthy dose of suspicious glares! Don't worry, I'm not going to sell them on the streets. I want all of them inside of me to make the pain go away, so stop looking at me like I'm some crazy opiate junkie.

Thus ends the most ridiculous day(s) of my life, with its beautiful buffet of bad service. So now I am filled with percocet, ibuprofen and clindamycin. I am a walking pharmacy. Despite that, my tooth still hurts a little, but this bastard is getting pulled once finals are over, so I'm gonna try to survive until then.
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