tea_blossom (tea_blossom) wrote in bad_service,

OC Transpo

I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt but the driver of the 172 on Craig Henry is an asshole. I was on time waiting, and HE was late. And when he finally did arrive, he drove right past me. I hear people bashing OC Transpo all the time but I felt that they weren't that bad, until today. I pay $100 for my pass and I expect a certain level of service ie access to the bus. And it's Sunday today which means I would have had to wait another hour for a bus.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of the organization. Clearly the people who design the routes and stations don't take the bus. If they did, Baseline wouldn't look the way it does. So absolutely inefficient, and worse - dangerous. It's terrifying taking the bus late there because you have to walk along this dark path to get to the taxis - if you're lucky. And there are rarely any taxis because the stations are so inefficiently designed that taxis are better off at fallowfield.

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