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Bad Grocery Service (twice!)

Tonight I had a couple of kinda baffling experiences at the grocery store.
for background: this is a regional natural foods store, but it's as big as a Kroger or similar. If my writing is unclear or long-winded or something I'm sorry, my LJ skills are pretty rusty.

First, I had a hard time finding an item. That isn't the bad_service, it happens. They had it two weeks ago but it's a store that sells probably less than twenty of each item, stock changes a lot. They had a coupon for it in the weekly ad though? Looked on the shelf, no shelf tag for it anymore. Fair enough, maybe it got discontinued. The bad service is that I wandered around the section for ten minutes trying to find an employee and had to eventually give up and walk all the way over to the other side of the store to get someone to look into it for me. The clerk I eventually found was amazingly helpful, looked at the order records and told me when the store reorders stuff from the cooler section. But seriously, no courtesy clerks or grocery clerks in the actual grocery section at all? There were a pretty even ratio of staff to customers lingering around the front end so it seemed they were just dodging work. I understand you want to mellow out at the end of the night but the store didn't close for another two hours.

Then when I was checking out the cashier just plain ignored me. The man in line behind me was (from what i gathered) an employee of the store who wasn't working today. Okay, fine, they're friends, whatever. But the cashier spent the entire time she was ringing me up having a conversation with him. Didn't look at me once, almost forgot to bag half my groceries, just acted like I wasn't there. My partner walked up and asked me if I was done checking out and why was I still standing there because she looked to be ringing up the guy behind me. When I got home with my reciept I realized she forgot to ring up the coupon I handed her. Great. I never contact managers or anything and I'm usually pretty tolerant, but that was just...rude.

bonus b_s: As I turned to carry my groceries out a young employee jumped directly in front of me and yelled "Hi!" I was confused for a second and studied her face to see if she was someone I knew or something until I realized that she was also talking to the guy behind me. Sheesh, I guess customers really do become invisible when Mr. Popular Off-Duty Employee is making a purchase.
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