Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Update on Walmart

Update to this

I finally nailed down everything that's gone wrong with my prescription!

This month and last month, Wal-Mart did not submit my pain medication to the insurance at all. On my plan, my pain medication co-pay is $50. And in addition I have a manufacturer discount card that lowers the payment to $25. The discount card has a maximum benefit of $100.

So last month when they charged me $44, they didn't charge my insurance at all, and just put the discount card in. Which used the maximum benefit of $100 and the remaining cost was $44.

On Friday when they called me and told me the price was $158 it was because they hadn't submitted it to the insurance. And they hadn't used the discount card. After confirming with the insurance that it hadn't been submitted at all I finally got Wal-Mart to rebill it. But then they wouldn't use the discount card!!

It took 45 minutes of standing there repeating myself over and over for them to finally understand that my discount card was different from my insurance and bill both.

So now I have my medication, and it only cost $25, like it was supposed to.


I actually think I'm going to request to change medications just so I don't have to deal with this hoopla anymore. Back to a generic!
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