Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Walmart Pharmacy is trying my patience!

At the beginning of the year our prescription drug coverage allowed us to transfer all of our standing maintenance prescriptions from Caremark to the local Walmart because our employer had received so many complaints about Caremark they had actually devoted a full time employee to dealing with it! I was ECSTATIC! So happy to be done with Caremark.

And then the reality of dealing with Walmart kicked in. =(

It took 9 phone calls and 8 faxes for all of my medications to get filled. Even though my doctor's office was sending them at the same time.
The first month my pain medication was a $25 copay.
The second month it was a $44 copay.
Today they called me... it's going to be a $158 copay.

Yeah... I have to go down there tomorrow and get this straightened out. I have no idea how the copay can go up $123 in 2 months?

Trying to get anyone on the phone is impossible. They put you on hold until it rings back to the store main line.

And somehow... they're still better than caremark.
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