Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in bad_service,
Ansela Jonla

Hello, jobcentre

I am currently unemployed. This means that I have to put up with going to the jobcentre, and all the crap that entails on a fortnightly basis.

I'm currently being bumped between several advisers. I have no problem with most of them, but I dread getting one specific one.

There is a note on my job search agreement that I cannot join the Army, or any other branch of the military. I know it's there because I asked my last regular adviser to put it there after my last eye test, and I can see it on the computer screen when my details are pulled up. Every single time I get this one woman as my adviser she recommends, at least once, a military job role that she thinks I should go for. The first time she asked me why I "don't want to" join the Army, and ever since then she's harped on about the reason why I can't join being a total myth designed to weed out the weak and unsure.

She also doesn't seem to particularly care about how practical a job is, to the point of making me fill in a decision maker form (or whatever it's called) to explain why I didn't apply for a job she told me to; I'm sorry, but a 2hr a day, minimum-wage job starting at 7am is not feasible when it's over 2hrs away by buses that don't start until 6am (or 9am on a Sunday) and would cost about £10 a day in fares. I told her this when she pointed the job out, because I'd already seen that job on the jobcentre website. "Only ten miles away", to her, means that I have to apply for it, regardless of the logistics of the matter. It's not the first time she's pulled this trick on me, just the first time she's decided that the other two dozen jobs applied for aren't enough in the face of the one I didn't apply for.

tl;dr jobcentre worker surprisingly is no bloody use at her job
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