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Rude nurse

Hello, this is either my first post here or my first post in years, hope this submission is okay.

A little backstory, I am English, my husband is Norwegian and my daughter has a Norwegian name. We live in Norway but she was born in the UK and subsequently had her early medical care there.

She's about five months old when I take her for a vaccination and the nurse performing them comes out to the waiting room and shouts something that vaguely resembles my daughter's name, it not being a name used in the UK I'm used to there being issues with pronunciation and spelling and this is usually overcome easily enough, it's not a problem. My mother, who's with me in the waiting room says something along the lines of "Excuse me, did you say [daughter's name]?" and the nurse gives us an impatient look and says "Ugh, well something foreign like that any way" and storms back into her room expecting us to follow her.

Now I get it, it can't be fun to have to give babies injections all day every day, but the xenophobia was hardly called for. 
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