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Office Depot;

I'm actually trying to get a job at Office Depot, but now I'm a little scared to, LOL.

My friend works at Office Depot & he hooked me up with an interview, but not at his store, they were staffed up. I went to two interviews at a different store, one with the assistant, one with the manager.
I had to fill out one of those crazy 120 question assessment tests to see if I was competent enough to sell office shit, which I did, & I passed, woohoo! So the manager told me I just need to pass a drug test & background check to officially get the job, but that I had it in the bag so no worries.
A week goes by, I call back in, & he said he had another candidate pop up & gave them the job instead. Okay, a little shitty since you told me I had the job...BUT, such is the wacky job market right now so I just turned around & applied at my friends store because he said there was a job opening.

I get an interview with the manager there, & we set up an interview for the next day with the assistant manager. I show up, oopsie, the assistant is off of work today, so let me schedule you for the next day! Suuuure, I come in the next day & interview with the assistant. Then I have to do ANOTHER interview with the manager because the first one was an informal one because my friend is trying to hook me up, so it was a relax interview. This one is the "for real" one....okay, 5 interviews in for this damn office supply job.........but sure. I interview again.
I wait a week.
I call back.
I'm told to call back in a few days.
I call back.
I'm told they will call me tomorrow with whats up.
I wait a day & was going to call them back but my friend said he talked to the manager & he can't hire me until the beginning of the month because he ran out of budget money to hire new staff.
A few days before the first of the month & my friend tells me that his manager got laid off. (Cue the biggest eye roll in the WORLD, hahahaha)
So I wait aboutfive days for them to figure their shit out, but I didn't even have to call them back! The assistant manager called me & said to come on in &...wait for it.....interview with his new manager, LOL.

SO I DO!!!! (Interview #6 for a job selling PENS...)
& everything goes peachy, back to the assistant manager because he's the only one that knows the password to the computer system to bring up my assessment, drug test, & background check results since the old manager got fired. SURPRISE, no he doesn't know the password, that's just cray talk, so they call computer support to reset the password, done & done...he opens the system &......

they lost all my paperwork. LOL! This has been a 2 month adventure so far, & 6 interviews...WHAT. & now they want me to talk another piss test, assessment, & background check.
& I almost said no.
But I still don't have a job with 2 months down, so I do.

& if I don't have this damn job this week, I'm going to at least ask for a gift card to compensate me for my time, & gas spent driving all over the damn place for interviews & drug tests, LOL.

What a crazy ass adventure just to get a retail job at Office Depot.
If this is what its like PRE employment...I am sooooo nervous!
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