Patrick F (rainbowxgeek) wrote in bad_service,
Patrick F

Follow-up to this post.

I got another bill from XYZ today, so I called Wellcare back. The first rep I got came across as both non-listening, and almost hostile.

Wellcare Rep (WCR): "May I have the member's ID number?"
Me: "It's a former member; the ID is [NUMBER]"
We go through the verification process.
WCR: "I apologise for the inconvenience, but it appears this person is no longer covered under the plan."


That sort of set the tone (and is why I said non-listening).

I give him the grievance ticket number, and after a minute, he comes back and says that since I'm no longer a member he's not able to access any information, etc. I ask for a supervisor. He claims there's not one on the floor. I find this odd, as it's been my experience that they always have them there. I've had a LOT of calls to Wellcare, and about 90% of them end up escalating to supervisors.

I ask when one will be available.
"Tomorrow." No time frame offered.
So I ask, 'WHEN tomorrow?'
'Eight to Eight-thirty.'

This whole time, he's being very terse.
Me: "It's only 630 now. But there's no supervisor available?"
Him: *LONG pause* Yes.
Me: "And, if I call back, and I ask someone else for a supervisor, they'll tell me the same?"
Him: "Yes."

I thanked him for being the least helpful rep I'd dealt with there, and that, with all of my calls to Wellcare, that was saying a lot, and not GOOD. -__-

I did call back. I tried once more to work with the rep, who unsurprisingly WAS able to find my info. I think I gave the first rep the wrong ticket # by accident, but that shouldn't lead to "I can't help you"

This rep did try, but I don't think he understood what the issue was, and I was running short on patience. So finally I asked HIM for a supervisor.

SHOCKINGLY (/sarc) one was available.

We talk, and I learn that, IF my last phone call (from back in Feb) was noted, it wasn't noted under that ticket.

There's no record of the supervisor I spoke with indicating that they'll request anything from XYZ.

We talk and make no progress, so finally I tell him that I need to stop. I'm getting too upset to continue, and I don't want to take it out on him. I indicate that tomorrow I will call XYZ myself. If they refuse to bill Wellcare b/c of being out of network, I WILL request a claim form, and will be ringing Wellcare back to sort it with them, and if they refuse from there, I'll call the attorney general's office.

I also asked, since the last call in Feb wasn't noted, if this call would be noted under that ticket or under today's date in another part of my account.

I'm done with this back and forth. I have depression and anxiety, I have a LOT of stressors, I do NOT need this bullshit on top of it, dragging on for MONTHS.
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