Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Dealing with Crunchyroll's store customer service is a joke.

This is the second time I've bought something from them, and it will be the last. The first time, I ordered a pre-order item, only to discover after it wasn't being released until late September, at which point I will have left the USA, most likely. There is absolutely no information on their website about cancelling orders, so I emailed them, and the guy said he'd put a credit on my account. Only, I have to email him to use it. Slightly odd, but whatever. Because of the credit, I decided to place another order, which I did, over a week ago now. It occurred to me yesterday that I hadn't gotten any kind of shipping notification, so I looked up my order and it said it was processing.

I sent an email off, asking when it might be likely to be shipped (it's a gift, but the occasion isn't for a little while yet). I got a reply just now, telling me that when it's shipped, I'll get notification. Well thanks for that, but I want to know what kind of timeframe I'm looking at. So I reply and point out that didn't answer my question, and rephrase it, asking specifically what kind of timeframe I'm looking at. I get another reply almost straight away, saying that as soon as it's shipped, I'll get notification.

It's the same guy that has replied to all of my emails, right from my first order. I am at a bit of a loss now. I don't know whether he's not understanding me or being deliberately evasive. If he doesn't know, he could just say that, instead of not answering me. I checked, and the item I ordered is still listed as "available", so it's not out of stock or backordered or anything. It's quite hard to find information on shipping etc - the FAQs are mostly for the Crunchyroll streaming service. I found one place saying they didn't do tracking numbers, and another saying they did, so that's confusing. It just seems like a poorly-thought-out clusterfuck of an enterprise, and I think from now on I'll get my Japanese goods elsewhere.

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