Christina (rainshowers) wrote in bad_service,

TD Bank Suck (Formerly CVS)

I just wrote this on CVS' Facebook wall: "My husband and I have been fighting with your company and our bank for over a week now. One of the pharmacists at store #*** in Hometown, State, put a debit card pin transaction through twice. For one prescription. Consequently overdrafted our account and are now refusing to refund the money. To top it off, he has since been let go, and the person working there now told us he has done the same thing to a few other people. The bank says there's nothing they can do, since it was a pin transaction, so we're just out $150. I am beyond livid. Why is one of your employee's mistakes costing US money? I want the $50 that was taken the second time and the overdraft money refunded."

I don't know for a fact the guy was let go. My husband went in and was really angry and annoyed, so I'm not sure if whoever he spoke to was just giving him a line. Same thing for if he has done it to other people. I don't know for a fact it wasn't a scam, though it sure smells like it. What I do know is CVS telling me "Oh well, it was a pin transaction and based on a prescription yadda yadda yadda bullshit" which equalled out to "we can't give the money back". Then we go to our bank and say, "Ok, can you just fight this charge for us, please? And reverse the overdrafts?" The bank says no. It was a pin transaction and the manager can't do anything.

So. CVS makes a mistake, costs us an extra $100 we don't have and no one knows how we get it back.

Does anyone work for CVS? Are they bullshitting? Any idea of what else I can do?

ETA: He went in to the store that did it, and he also called CVS' 1-800 number. Both people said there was nothing they could do.

ETA2: As was posted in the comments, this is what seems to have happened. We're finding a new bank, and we're just out the money in overdrafts. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it. 

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