Alys (a_b_cohen) wrote in bad_service,

Ongoing FedEx suckage

FedEx in my area is extremely awful. Last October I ordered a gift for a friend when the company had a clearance. I couldn't get the same things for less than 6x what I paid if it wasn't for the clearance. I spent $60 on stuff that retailed for about $375 with the company, which is already known for being a cheap place to go for certain things. I used regular shipping, which ended up being FedEx. This is a dual level suck because the company was out of a couple of the items and didn't tell me until after I'd been charged, and then they were out of one of the substitutes I picked and didn't tell me for a few days. Anyway about two weeks after the initial order, a week after I picked things they finally had in stock, they shipped. I watched the FedEx website and the tracking last updated with "delivered to USPS." Nothing further, ever. According to USPS, any time a FedEx package is given to them, they assign a deliver confirmation number and FedEx is supposed to update with that. FedEx didn't have this and USPS had no record of it. As I see it, even if USPS forgot to assign, it's the FedEx driver's responsibility to remember.

A month later, after nothing but turn-around, the originating company refused to help further and told me just keep calling FedEx and USPS. In the end, my bank refunded the charge, and I learned not to tell friend I bought them a gift and what it was until I get it if it's something that was on sale.

Well, I ordered some supplies from a company last Monday and paid for 2-day shipping with priority order-fullfilment. I made sure to be home all day Thursday and even cancelled my weekly outing with a friend. Come close to 7, and there was nothing. So I called, and FedEx said it had been delivered, and verified the address...the wrong address! I hightailed it across the street and ended up arguing with the lady there who insisted that FedEx took it back. I ran back home and called the company I ordered from, and a rep there reached FedEx who said it WAS taken back and was at the facility. It's enough of a suck that FedEx told me that it was delivered, but not that it was taken back. Delivery was rescheduled for Friday.

On Friday morning I called to talk to a supervisor to find out why on earth I was told it was delivered if it was picked back up. The supervisor told me what probably happened is the driver scanned it delivered before trying to deliver, was probably informed that I didn't live there, and then remarked it retrieved, and the system doesn't always update the website. Suck #2 of this ordeal is finding out things will be marked delivered before they are, which makes it difficult or impossible for the correct recipients to know what's going on. Of course I'm angry over this.

Again I wait, wait, wait. Close to 7 again, and I call, and was told that it was delivered to the complex manager. WTF? It was supposed to be delivered to ME, and the office closes at 5. So at the earlier, I'll get a package 2 days after I ordered it, a day after I needed it, and I paid $40 more to get it Thursday.

Time for suck #3. The office manager didn't get anything from FedEx the day before, not for me, not for anyone. The driver delivery log of incoming packages left there showed nothing. Cue me becoming livid.

Bonus suck is I called the company I bought from, and they won't refund unless the package is returned to them, even though the manager is willing to write a statement that nothing was delivered for me. This is $200, so not small beans. Suck #5 is this was paid using a prepaid gift card I got as a gift, so I'm SOL. Suck #6 is this was for a photo shoot, and not only am I ought the money from the shoot, but a penalty about I write in my contracts. The girls it was for flew back home Saturday night.

These aren't the only two times FedEx has lost packages. A friend who lives a town over has no problem. FedEx's proposed solution when I told them this? Have stuff delivered to her. Yeah, I really want to have to drive half an hour to pick up packages because they can't do their stupid jobs right. Lesson learned: Avoid all companies that will use FedEx.

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