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Patrick F

More UPS! and one "not sure if this is bad service, but damn did it suck"

This was a couple months ago, but since UPS is hot-topic right now...

Just after Christmas, my power cord for my laptop decided to bite the dust. I had no money, but one of my friends took pity on me and ordered one from Amazon to be sent to me.

We both follow the tracking, and the day it was due to be delivered (a Friday, of course, whch is relevant), it showed as "on vehicle for delivery" all day.

Finally, at 830 that night, it switched to "missed at facility, delivery rescheduled for next business day". Aka Monday.

I called when I got home from work, and they said they had no record of it ever going for delivery. Of course neither of us thought to screencap the "on vehicle for delivery" display (something I do as a matter of routine now).

They also claim they "can't" deliver it on Saturday. When I point out that they DO have Sat. deliveries, they acknowledge this, but only for premium service. I point out that it was THEIR screw up (which they did admit, even though we disagreed on what the particular screwup was), and as such, as a gesture of goodwll and good SERVICE, they should deliver it Saturday.

They refused. Full stop. I had to wait til Monday (thank god iPhone has Netflix app--i restarted my membership and spent the weekend watching Supernatural).

Also, not bad service so much as a sigh: I have a new driver. Up til now, if I don't answer (I never do because I don't have a doorbell, and thus don't know when they're HERE) they leave it, unless it's sig-req'd. They usually put it on the floor insde my storm door (My entrance is laid out as: storm door leading to a VERY small space, like 4 feet wide, 2 feet in, then my main door, so there's a place for packages).

I had ordered cat food from Amazon (which I needed, because I was just about out). He left a door slip. So I called Amazon, thinking they put a siignature req on it. Nope. (side note: amazon provided AMAZING service in this incident, and the rep came up with a workable solution for me). So I called UPS. It was "driver preference".

Same thing happened a few days later with ANOTHER package. So I've taken to writing a note saying "I authorise UPS to leave my package from *shpper*, Tracking # *number*" and signing it. Thus far it's worked.

The questionable bad service (as in, it sucked, but idk if I'm just not far enough removed from it to not be pissy still):

brief background: my local store has a keytag, with which you get "Advantage" savings, and also earn money toward gasoline at select stations or money off of swiper passes for the local mass transit. I normally remember to swipe it for the cashier, but sometimes I forget.

And sometimes the cashier and I BOTH forget, as happened tonight (NOT the b_s). Shit happens, no harm no foul. I went to the CS desk, for them to adjust it down, give me the difference in savings, and add the purchase to my fuel/bus dscount. The CS rep and I are joking with each other as she starts the process, so it's obvious I'm not pissed. At this point, I'm not even really feeling put-out.

She finishes up, after about 10 mins, and gives me back $7.xx. Didn't seem quite right, so I looked at my receipt before I left. Didn't take long to realise why. I had bought Ben & Jerry's. It's $4.99 each. It was BOGO free. I bought 4 (so pay for 2 get 2 free). So I should've gotten no LESS than $9.98 + tax back.

I go back to the CS counter. She is plainly stumped, because "that's what the system told her to do". She and another CS employee spend 10 minutes puzzling over this. I'm getting annoyed, but holding on to my temper. Finally, I ask if there's a way to void the entire transaction and just re-ring it, with my card.

They look over at me as I speak, but don't answer, and go back to staring at their computer as though it held the answers to the universe.

Five more minutes, and finally I repeat my question, louder and a bit pissier. Finally the other CSR says I'd have to go to the front end for that. I ask for my receipt back as I prefer to do that at this point.

I go up, and ask someone there for a manager. He sends me to a certain register. Which is also the guy who assisted the cashier-trainee in the original transaction. He turns out not to be a manager, but a front end supervisor. Okay, whatever.

Manager turns up too. So by now, it's me, supervisor (S), manager (M), and another employee (OE). Takes several MORE minutes to get them to understand what I wanted. FINALLY, S rngs in the purchase as a return. Except that it comes up short--about $6 less than what I was initially charged (turns out, at some point, two thngs I bought went missing from my basket).

They put throught the return to my card even though it's short. I was going over my receipt while the manager was doing something at the till, and SAID that someting was missing, he SAW something was missing, and didn't follow up on it. I still had the $7 "change" from the initial refund, so I gave up at this point. They re-rang things, and gave me a gift card to make up for the inconvenience.

While I do appreciate the gift card, and acknowledge that their "back end" customer service (meaning, the way they rectify things after things have gone wrong) is good, I'd like it f their first line service (the initial service) was better (i've had a number of issues here, from rude employees to inedible food from the deli and bakery).

Also, wtf with employees cursing, LOUDLY and repeatedly at work, on the clock. The CSR when I first went up was cursing as she talked to her coworker.
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