Ishtar L-Amarain (sharz) wrote in bad_service,
Ishtar L-Amarain

AusPost suck

The UPS one below reminded me of this AusPost (Australia Post) suck.

I work from home due to timezones and international companies and what not so I always answering the door for deliveries.

A few weeks ago, I got an email saying that a certain shipment of mine was with the driver and due for delivery today.

The delivery van pulled up a few hours later but the delivery was for my sister. I signed for it, thinking it was a bit weird that mine hadn't also arrived but I've those tracking emails to be quite inaccurate at times and figured it would turn up the tomorrow or the day after. Either way, I asked the driver if there was anything for me because I had the email. He didn't bother checking his van and carelessly said "No, just the one today". He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry because I'd barely finished signing for it when he snatched the screen thing with the my digital signature and hurried off.

An hour or so later, I get an email telling me that my delivery was attempted but no one was home so it had gone to the parcel collection facility. I thought maybe the van had come back or something and I hadn't heard them so I went and check the mailbox for the "Delivery Attempted" card that they leave. There wasn't one.

I went back and read the email more thoroughly and it said that delivery was attempted at 4:20pm which was exactly when I had been signing for my sister's parcel. I'm guessing that the guy had found the parcel afterwards and not bothered to come back to deliver it. I type the consignment number into the AusPost website to double check and yes, delivery had been attempted at 4:20pm.

I'm annoyed at this point so I called up the AusPost customer service number and told them the situation, I even provided them my sister's consignment number so that they could check that and prove that I had, in indeed been home at the time and answering the door. I also asked him where the driver had left the card notifying me that there was a parcel waiting for me as it was not in my mailbox. The rep was very nice and apologetic told me he would would book in a reschedule request.

2 weeks later and I get no emails, no parcel. I ring again and I am told that the redelivery request was denied as they had spoken to the driver and he'd said that I wasn't home and it was still sitting at the parcel collections facility. I asked to speak to a higher up and I again, I gave him my sister's consignment number which I could also type into the AusPost website where it clearly stated that the delivery time was 4:21pm and my name on the signature. He confirms this and apologies but then has the gall to tell me that I should probably go collect it from the facility as it would be quicker and it wasn't far away from where I lived. I get annoyed at this point and ask him why I should waste my time going out there and lining up when it was their mistake and I am happy to wait for the delivery. I get that he was trying to save me time but honestly, if I was in a rush, I would just gone and picked it up myself.

Anyways my parcel finally arrived and I did get a call back from a customer service rep who who had gone back and interviewed the driver again with my sister's consignment number proving that I was at my house and he did make a delivery that day. The rep told me the the driver's responses had been "vague and evasive" and that he hadn't been able to a straight story out of him confirming, that I was right, the driver couldn't be bothered coming back to deliver the parcel once he'd realized he'd missed it so he just flagged it as "Delivery Attempted" without bothering to leave a card or anything. I was told he was being dealt with and left it at that.

Anyway, at least I got my parcel delivered and the follow up call was nice too.
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