latechgrad26 (latechgrad26) wrote in bad_service,

Prescription Woes

I don't know if this is bad service, bad policy, or just me being dramatic =/

I suffer from really painful periods and pms. I take Microgestin Fe for this reason.

On Wednesday I had an appointment with my primary care provider (PCP). I went to see her because my blood pressure had been on the high side and I was on my last refill/last few days of Microgestin Fe. I informed the nurse who took my vitals and my PCP, Sharen, that I was on my last refill and that I needed a new prescription that day. Sharen told me to have Walgreen's submit a refill request and that she'd take care of it. She wouldn't write a new prescription per her own policy. In the past it's been a hassle to have certain pharmacies fax over a refill request so I wasn't happy about that. So I called Walgreen's on Thursday, they faxed a refill request and I never heard anything from them indicating that there was a problem or one of the courtesy calls informing me that my prescription was ready.

Today as I was heading out, I called Walgreen's to confirm that my prescription was ready since Walgreen's is about 20 miles from where I live and I didn't want to waste a trip. The pharmacy technician told me that they never received a fax from my PCP. I called my PCP, they informed me that they never received a fax from Walgreen's. I called Walgreen's again, they apparently sent the fax to the wrong number so they sent a new fax to my PCP requesting a refill while I was on the phone.

An hour later I called Walgreen's to see if they'd received an authorization for refills, they hadn't. So this continued for a few hours, me calling Walgreen's, Walgreen's saying they didn't have it, and me calling my PCP who also said they didn't have the request. Finally I asked to speak to someone in charge at the clinic where my PCP works. They told me that they had received the request hours ago but Sharen was off today so they'd have to see if the on call doctor, Dr. Smith, would sign off on the refill.

Dr. Smith is the one who actually changed my prescription to Microgestin Fe and wrote a prescription for pain relievers back in July so he'd definitely seen me before. He apparently didn't feel comfortable signing off on the refills today because I'm not his patient. There are only two PCPs at this office and they see each other's patients so I didn't realize that this was an issue? The office is now closed and Walgreen's doesn't have the authorization. I'm officially out of pills after today.

Idk if this is bad policy or bad service or if I'm just overreacting. I'm going back to my PCP to get her to give me a written prescription to avoid this mess in the future.
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