kioskgirl (kioskgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Oriental Trading

I'm Canadian and have recently moved to a city very close to the US border which is awesome for online shopping. I can get things shipped to a pick-up service in the US, enabling me to buy things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to or to save loads of money on shipping charges.

My son's birthday is coming up so I decided to hit up Oriental Trading Company for party supplies. I fill up my shopping cart, go to check out and uh oh! Using my Canadian credit card I can't specify a US shipping address, and the cost of my order would jump from $48 to over $80 if I wanted it shipped to Canada. Ok, plan B! Had an American friend buy me an Oriental Trading e-gift card. This would allow me to pay without entering billing information, so I could use the US address. According to their website e-gift cards are delivered to the recipient within 12 hours. About 18 hours later my friend phoned Oriental Trading because the gift card still hadn't arrived. Apparently they send the e-gift cards manually, and no one had gotten to it yet. They promised it would arrive by the 24 hour mark. 36 hours and another phone call later it arrived. We're both annoyed, but whatever. It's all good now, right? No, of course not! I go to use the gift card and the website tells me it's an invalid gift card number. I try to phone Oriental Trading but while they accept orders from Canada their customer service line only accepts phone calls from the US. So my friend has to phone AGAIN.

The customer service rep from Oriental Trading is rude to her and offers no apology. They're now processing a refund for her that they said she would receive in 24-48 hours, and we're now at 36 hours. Moral of this story, don't send anyone an Oriental Trading gift card!
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