Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Tonight, my husband and I decided to eat out at a local Mexican place. We've been there a couple of times before, but always with other people. As an aside, my Dad is visiting soon from Australia, so I joked to my husband that I had to make sure the restaurant was still good before we took him there.

We go in, and there's no one there. No customers, no staff. It's set up so that the counter is in front of a kind of corridor, and then the kitchen is (presumably) off to the side, so you can't see it. We sat down and checked out the menus, and then a guy appeared and gave us some chips and salsa, and took our drink orders. He brought those out pretty promptly, to be fair, and took our main order. I got nachos, and my husband got a super burrito.

Then he disappeared again, but not before turning on the television sound. I wish he hadn't, as it was airing some kind of vapid ET show, but whatever, maybe he thought we'd like it. About 15 minutes go by, food appears. Except, there's no guacamole on my nachos. And no staff in sight. About 10 minutes later, a woman appears, and my husband jumps up and tells her about the guacamole. She doesn't understand, but she fetches the guy, who admits there should be guacamole and gives me a small dish of it, but doesn't apologise.

Again, we're left alone. We finish our meals and we want to order dessert. We've been wanting to try their flan for ages. But again, no staff in sight. We wait...we've been there about an hour now. Eventually, the guy comes out and asks if everything is ok. As soon as we say yes, he starts to move off again, so we had to call him back so we could order the flan and coffee. I then watch as he grabs a flan and puts it in a to-go box, and sets it on the counter. He then disappears. I mention to my husband that he'd done this, and we figured maybe someone called in for a flan or something. So we wait for our coffee and flan...nothing. The woman appears behind the counter and starts putting dishes away. We wait some more. Then the guy appears, seems surprised to find us still there, brings over the flan in a bag and says, you wanted it to go, right? Well no, we didn't. But at this point, we just want to go home so we accepted the flan-in-a-bag, paid (leaving a very small tip) and left.

It was so weird. We were the only people there, so it wasn't like they were rushed off their feet. They didn't seem to care at all if we wanted to order more stuff. They never refilled my water, or asked my husband if he wanted another drink. Not sure we'll bring my Dad there after all :/

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