Tuxedo Elf (tuxedo_elf) wrote in bad_service,
Tuxedo Elf


Think this is more 'wtf' than anything, but yeesh.

So, tonight my oldest child (five) and I were unusually on our own. I'm ill, so I decided to treat him to fish and chips. On the way we stopped at the newsagent and kidlet was looking at the sweets.

Kidlet: Look at them ones!
Cashier: It's look at THOSE ONES.
Now, he's right. Absolutely right and if I hadn't been barely standing I'd probably have corrected him myself. I laugh it off, even though I'm WTF-ing over this random cashier correcting my child. I go to pay for my chewing gum and then this happens:
Cashier: Alright?
Me: Yeah, we're on our own tonight, so it's fish and chips! (My mistake, should have just nodded and smiled!)
Cashier: From that place? *indicating next door* It's crap there, really rubbish.
Me: Um... well... I think it's ok... I actually work there... (true)
Cashier: It's soggy and greasy, all these places are the same!
At this point I don't say much - I know too many of the ins and outs of the place to comment unbiasedly.
Cashier: Just do it yourself, how hard is it!
Me: Quite hard when you don't have any fish in.
There was another customer then so we made our escape, but really? Somebody was wearing their judgypants today.
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