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was never much but we've made the most

I am applying for disability and basically have not had any good experience whatsoever with my application.

Basically, I suffer from an eating disorder, anxiety, and bipolar disorder which has been currently showing through depression to the point of daily suicidal urges for the last year and a half, getting worse and worse. My friend urged me to apply and even though I don't feel worthy of getting disability because I feel there are plenty more people more deserving, I did so because on a daily basis, I don't function beyond waking up, staring at a computer, and eating only when I feel actual pain in my stomach. I tried job searching for several months but got nowhere because my degree is incredibly generic (bachelors in english) and because I couldn't actually think on a functional level to apply.

So after several weeks of urging, I decided to apply. This was back in September. I had to confirm my address after the first round of mail got sent back. I don't know why, because although I live in an apartment and my name isn't on the lease, my mail from my parents gets through just fine and I knew I had given them the correct address.

But whatever, I called and confirmed that they had the right address. I spelled it out for them. A few weeks later, I got a call that the mail had come back again. I don't know why, my mail comes through otherwise. So this time I give them my parents' address, because I figure driving an hour to get my mail as long as I get it will be worth it.

Well, the mail starts coming to me to my parents', however, I keep getting mail sent to the other address even though I updated it, because apparently there's apparently a mailing address and I guess a "housing" address? I'm not sure, I forget the exact phrase from the phone call. At this point, I go into the office and ask them to update my address for mailing address and "housing" (again, not sure the exact phrase) address, explaining that while I live with my boyfriend, for some reason the mail from them doesn't make it to me and gets sent back and to please send it to my parents at x address. They confirm it and I give them some other information that they've been waiting on for several weeks because of this mishap. A couple weeks later, I get another call that mail is getting sent back again. I go in this time and update my information. In the middle of it, the person helping me says the computer is freaking out and won't let her enter the information. I sit there and wait for her to be able to fix the problem. She cannot fix the computer and tries to enter the information even though it's basically spazzing out and she can't see the screen anymore, but she didn't call for help. She tells me she updated the information, and me blindly trusting her, go on my way.

I get a notice about a psychiatric appointment. GOOD. FINE. I am more than happy to do this, because honestly, I am not in a good place to personally evaluate myself, since I don't have a clear sense of how capable I am thanks to my disorders, where in my personal view, I'm no good and a lazy weak pathetic useless asshole while many of my friends have mentioned that I'm, well, frankly screwed up and need help very desperately. I should note that I do not have money for help, so I can't actually get it, which isn't helping my mental state, and so if I did disability, I plan on using what money I might get towards therapy so I could get better and get a job and not need disability.

Well, my mother calls me a day later, since she got the psychiatric appointment notice since the mail is finally going to the house. It's not even remotely near where I live or where she lives. They somehow got my parents address mixed up with my school address which I haven't lived there in a year, and it's an hour and fifteen minutes away from my parents and two hours away from me.

And I have forms that need to be filled out and returned within 10 days of the date on the top. It's a Friday, and they're due back tomorrow and they just came yesterday. Well, obviously that's not going to get back in time. So I go back down Monday, fairly desperate and update my information to make sure for the third time that they have it right. They update my information with a working computer this time, and I have them spell it out to me this time, to make sure they have the right information (cross my fingers, this was last week and hopefully it will bet he last time).

Then I call the place where my psychiatric appointment is scheduled and have them change my appointment to somewhere that isn't so far away and they agree as soon as they hear my proper location, and when I tell them about the forms coming basically two days before they were due and me finding out about them a day before they were due since I don't live where my mail comes since my mail at the apartment has been getting sent back to them, they reassure me that it's okay and that since they have to change my appointment, as long as the forms come, I'll be fine.

I get a notice several days ago that the forms that I was told were okay are not there and they may have to proceed without those forms. I swear every single thing that could have gone wrong with this application has gone wrong. Has anyone else had this kind of stuff happen to them with a disability application?
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