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Case of the Missing Hard Drive pt. III

Third installment of the Case of the Missing Hard Drive.

For those not in the know, Part I can be found here;
Part II is found here.

Best Buy finally called J to inform her that the tech associate returned with her hard drive. The manager called the guy's family and demanded he cut his camping trip short and come to work to deal with "a very important matter concerning a customer's hard drive." Of course, this came nearly a week after the last time she went in and demanded her equipment back, but better late than never, I guess.

So J speaks to a manager to express her extreme dissatisfaction regarding the entire hard drive incident. The manager agrees wholeheartedly that her hard drive should have never left the store and that there was no reason for it to leave the premises. He offered J a full refund of $68, but J was beyond angry.

J: I appreciate the refund, but where is the work ticket?
Manager: Work ticket?
J: I want to know exactly what was done to the hard drive.
Manager: Well, obviously we weren't able to recover the data on it.
J: Yes, but I want to know what steps were made in attempting to recover the data.
Manager: We weren't able to recover the data. There's no work ticket.
J: You don't seem to understand. I want to know EXACTLY what was done to it.
Manager: The best I can do is offer you a full refund.
J: Fine. But I want a work ticket. I'm taking my drive to a data recovery service, and I want to know exactly what was done to my drive while it was out of the store. Your technician should provide me with one. ON PAPER. I don't want to be accused of destroying my hard drive once it's out of the store should the data recovery service finds something really wrong with it.
Manager: You're going to have to trust us and the technician.
J: I hardly think that's the best choice of words, considering I was lied to twice.

In short, J told him that she will be sending Best Buy the bill for the data recovery, or else she will be going straight to corporate. She was ready to write it off and forget about it if they were up front and honest and provide an itemized list of the steps done to recover her data, but they're unwilling to even give her that much. I don't know if she's ready to give up on the whole thing and cut her losses, or if she's going to pursue this further. In any event, the drive is in capable hands and she will be picking it up this week.

Pardon my ignorance, but for those techies out there, is it customary to provide some kind of a work ticket if a piece of equipment was worked on, successfully or not? Just curious.
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