philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

I usually don't get my nails done, but my mother wanted to pay for it as a treat for spring break. I went mostly for the massage chair. And I wish I hadn't gone to this place.

First, I said I didn't want my nails really short, but she insisted on cutting them really short to the point of pain. Plus, she jabbed me really hard, made me bleed in several places, and kept doing it when I said it hurt.

The real suck, though, was when it came for the bill. I used my credit card. Big mistake. First, she put it through wrong. So she had to void it. Then she forgot to put on the tip, so she had to void it again. And that means that money will be on hold in my bank. I'm just glad I had enough to cover that.

Probably just a minor suck, but it was annoying because it means I'll have to change my plans for tomorrow and until I can put more money in my account. And she did it all three times without asking me, without knowing if I had that much in my account. She only told me she had done it when she handed me the receipt.
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