bellefior (bellefior) wrote in bad_service,

Taxi Cab Tales

I had a couple of less than stellar experiences with taxis over the last few days that made me wonder if it were a full moon or something, or if I had just had a run of bad/weird/less than helpful cabbies.

The first two incidents happened while in NYC.

-There was the guy who took me back from the Financial District to my hotel Mid-Town who had me literally praying in the back of the cab that I would make it back to my hotel in one piece. From constantly honking his horn at people who didn't get out of his way fast enough, to zipping around cars, to almost convincing me he was going to hit a guy on a bike. How he didn't hit the bike guy I will never know. Thankfully, I made it back to my hotel alive but not so sure about the next guy who got into his cab!

-Then this was a weird experience. A couple of colleagues and I were trying to get back uptown to Penn Station from the Lower Manhattan Area. At least three cabbies when we told them where we were going refused to take us there - one said he was headed home (why did you stop then and ask us where we were going?), and two said they were headed in the opposite direction (with no one in their cabs). It wasn't rush hour yet, so we weren't quite sure what was up. A helpful gentleman on the street suggested that we walk down one block and try flagging a cab down from there, and if that didn't work, told us how to find the nearest Metro stop. Apparently, the traffic on the one way street we were on trying to flag the cab down was going in opposite direction from Penn Station, and one block down the traffic was heading towards Penn Station. It didn't make much sense to us, wouldn't you just drive down a block in order to get on a street headed in the direction you needed to go? But we walked down, and thankfully, the next cabbie who picked us up was more than glad to take us where we needed to go! He got an extra big tip!

-This was the one that annoyed me most of all. After sitting on a train from NYC for 3 1/2 hours to get me home, I get into a cab at the station to get to my house. I am lugging a small "suitcase" on wheels (around 15" x 13" x 5") so not that big, but it was heavy. Guy doesn't pop the trunk for me, offer to help me with my bag that he can see is heavy, so I just manhandle it into the seat next to me. After doing all this, cabbie says to me, "would you mind putting you bag on the floor". For about 10 seconds I thought about saying, "well, if you didn't want it ending up on the seat, maybe you should have helped me with it in the first place and popped the trunk". But I was tired and just wanted to get home, so I manhandled it to the floor (where it just about fit) and kept my mouth shut. However, when it came time to tip him, I wasn't as generous as I usually am.

(And to the two fantastic cabbies I had in NY, including the one who picked me up when I got there and took me to my hotel, to the other guy who asked if I minded being let me out one block from a destination, explaining that he would be glad take me exactly to where I needed to be, but if he had to go all the way around to get to my precise destination it would take him forever (due to construction and traffic) and would cost me a ton of money, so it was both easier and a lot cheaper for me to walk there if I was willing to do so - thank you both! You restored my faith in cabbies!)

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