Mere (meredavey) wrote in bad_service,

Baaaad computer service

This is my first time posting here; sorry if I get anything wrong!

So, this story starts two years ago, when I got a new laptop in October 2010 from lenovo. At the time they weren't particularly popular, but I decided to get my laptop. I LOVED it. My dad even liked it so much that he replaced his non-working work Toshiba with a lenovo. So, cool. About a few months ago, my mother who now has the other lenovo encountered problems. We always buy extended warranty (which is extra money and quite a bit at times) so they generally fix those first/fastest. They say since we have that warranty it'll be back within a business week. And guess what, it is!

Now, this leads into the rest of the story. As a college student my laptop goes everywhere with me, in case I need to work on the fly. As it's two years old (and have never had it serviced before, it's worked perfectly fine up until a month ago) it's bound to have gotten some problems over the course of a few years. So, February first I and my parents call lenovo and send them the list of problems with my laptop. They say, sure, send it in! We ask and confirm that it'll be a week at the most. It arrives to them on February 6th. So technically speaking, one business week (5 days) should have been on the 12th/13th. We check the status. There is nothing. We call and they say, "Oh? It's under warranty, we didn't think...oh. it is. We're sorry, we'll start work on it right away!" When we called we'd said it was still under warranty! Oh, that's not the end of it though. So, we wait until the 20th and check the status. Still nothing. We call. And they say "uuhhh...we don't know. Uhhh...we'd need to contact our depot but we can't get in contact with them." It's been two business weeks now, and pretty much two and a half physical weeks. As a college students it's tough, even if I am borrowing my dad's laptop. So we say, "We want to know what's going on," and they connect us to this woman. This is on this past Thursday. We talk to a woman who says, "I'll talk to my people...we'll give you a call NEXT WEDNESDAY." We're not happy, as obviously they're not doing their jobs. So, we get bumped up another level and this woman says they'll call us Monday morning. So, yesterday morning goes by...and finally at two my mother calls lenovo again. They say the woman we talked to who said she'd call us Monday Morning has gone home for the day. ....gone HOME FOR THE DAY? So she asks if they can tell her anything about the laptop, and they say "no, because you bumped it up a level. But we might be waiting on parts." you know what's going on, buuuut you can't tell us? They say to try back tomorrow. (today) Today we call, and they say, "Sorry. We don't know the status of/or the laptop you're looking for/we don't know anything."

So end all be all...lenovo who generally has wonderful customer service are completely out of their depth at this point. As of today it's been three business weeks. Faaar longer than they said. But it's also been FOUR physical weeks without it. THAT is ridiculous. This just, ughh! Seriously, get your CRAP together. If it's not back by next week they're going to have some SERIOUS explaining to do. I do you lose a laptop? Especially when you pride yourselves on keeping track of things? I don't get it...

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