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My Own Fault, But...

The last story about wedding dresses has prompted me to post my own experiences here.

I am not a small girl, though I have lost 11kg in just over a month in preparation for my own wedding in May. A workmate around my size was humiliated at a local bridal shop last year when they yell at her she was too fat for their dresses so I didn't want to risk thatPlus I am looking for more gothic/medieval style dresses than most shops sell, so I decided to look online. I loved dresses by a UK online shop The Dark Angel, who dresses fit my budget of about £300 (I'm on a very tight budget as we are also saving for a house), when a friend told me about an online shop called, who claim to be a UK based company. The website seemed nicely done, so I naively trusted them and ordered a dress.

The next day I got a confirmation email from someone claiming to be "Cherry", yet the name in the email address was in Chinese symbols. My heart sank, and with a bit of very deep digging I found out all 'their' designs are actually other companies designs, and they had even taken the photos from the original websites and put them on their site. So I sent an email demanding my money back as I don't want a knock off dress that either looks nothing like the dress I want, or worse, doesn't even turn up. Plus I don't want them to profit from others hard work.

I get the reply that they have already started my dress, and yes it's a copy, no they can't show me pictures of what I'll actually get, yes they misled me but I'M being horribly unfair to THEM, so I can't have a refund (this the next day, so damn they work fast). I decided to contact PayPal who advised me to open a claim, and the seller then offers me a 50% refund, plus they either blocked me from their Facebook page where I warned others about them or they took the whole page down, not sure which. I said no way, and in the mean time had tracked down three of the original designers and emailed them informing them of their design work and photos being stolen, and I was working hard on finding others. This lit a firecracker under their ass and now they have offered me a full refund, though they say it will take 3 working days, so not closing the PayPal dispute till I get my money back.

I'm hoping that I can at least get the website taken down by letting the original designers know about it (the three I contacted so far are all pretty pissed about it and are seeking legal advice), so no one else can get taken in by them, but I know these sites are everywhere. is pretty much the same.

I feel pretty stupid about the whole affair. I guess I was too naive in thinking they weren't under pricing the dresses. I'll just be happy to get my money back. I know some people are fine about buying knock off dresses but I don't find it fair and who knows what I'd have gotten.

P.S. Is it ok I named the site?

TLDR: I bought a dress online from a 'UK' shop and found out it was a Chinese knock off site. Seller claims I'm being unfair despite admitting lying to me and stealing designs. Getting a refund after letting original designers know about the site.

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