lookslikelolita (noodles84) wrote in bad_service,

Bridal Woes

So I go to a local store in Dover DE, Simons Bridal, to look at wedding dresses because I am getting married in August. My mother and I are greeted by a very nice lady at the front desk. And then handed off to a bridal sales associate.

She asked us some standard questions and what size, what style and then ask our budget. When we tell her she is very disappointed. She tells us that will greatly lower the amount of dresses that we can try on. But she tells us that there are three designers in our budget. She shows one rack and tells me to look there this rack has six dresses my size and only one designer.

She pull two dresses and she's disappeared. We found her in the backroom where the other designer's dresses where. I start looking at these dresses and she snaps, "You have to try them on sweetie! You have no idea what they look like on the rack!" I am a little annoyed by her attitude. But it is true. So I shrug it off.

I ask to start trying dresses on. She says that she going to grab me a bra to try the dresses on. She says she going to a bra that too large for me. I tell that I would need a smaller one. She said I look like that size. Embarrassed, I tell her that I am wearing a padded bra. I need a smaller size.

She asks if I would like her help trying on the dresses or my mother. I ask my mother being a self conscious person. The first two dresses where what I was looking for but just not the dress. During this time, I hear the sales associate talking to my mother asking, "Is this all your willing to spend on your only daughter?" and trying to talk my mother into buying me a more expensive dress.

The sales associate starts pulling dresses. The dresses are not the style that I asked for but my mother asked me to try them on. These dresses don't fit as well. At one point my mother asked the sales associate to help with her with a zipper. At this point the sales associate snapped "You may have tried on other dresses at size 8, but you are too big for these! You have to go up to 10!"

The sales associate put me in a dress with wrap detailing. I didn't like it because I felt like it draws attention to my stomach. The sales associate annoyed and tired says, "WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

As I take off that dress and explain to my mother that I want to leave. The sales associate comes into the dressing room and leaves the door wide open while I am standing around in the bra and my underwear. And there are other customers in the showcase room. This may not be a big issue to some people but I have body issues. I hide in a corner as my mother explain that we need to leave.

TL;DR, Sales associate is rude and snarky.

EDIT: I visited the store in Milford DE and thanked her for being so sweet because I really bad experience at another store. She asked me "Oh was it Brit at Simons? I had brides calling me crying from parking lot. She is our best referral."
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