Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service turned good

A bit of background info:

I take music lessons at a music studio. Specifically, violin lessons. I love playing, I love learning, and I love music. I'm always on time (usually early), never missed a lesson, etc.

Two weeks ago, I decided to switch teachers. I love my original teacher, she's awesome, but the timing wasn't right, and there was a new violin teacher at the studio, so I gave her a chance. Well, last week, she was an hour and twenty minutes late for the lesson. The lesson was supposed to be at 4 pm, but then was changed to 4:30. My teacher shows up at 5:50 pm. I had an hour with her. She didn't take her violin out, or show me how the play the music. My old teacher would play along with me, show me how the song should go, then have me follow with her, and demonstrate techniques. But every teacher is different, I guess.

Today, my teacher cancels my lesson without warning.

The good service is that the studio is giving me a lesson with my original violin teacher tomorrow and more lesson time. I regret switching and may just go back to my original teacher if I'm able to get an earlier lesson time.
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