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Wind Mobility

I was with Telus for my phone for years, never had too much of an issue but when my contract was up I wanted to see what else was out there. I ended up going with Wind Mobile. Went, got signed up and used WindTab for a blackberry bold 9900. (WindTab = you end up paying the full amount of the phone but it's spread out through the monthly payments, so it's not really a contract and you can cancel but if you cancel you end up owing the full amount of the tab).

I've always gone with BlackBerry, I had a curve before this for years, it had issues but it still worked just fine and I liked the keyboard. I can't text with a touch screen, and I do a lot of texting. My work phone is a blackberry bold 9900, and I had only had one issue with it. One day it powered down, and wouldn't turn back on. I tried resetting it, I tried taking the battery out, I tried putting a different battery on - no matter what, this thing wouldn't start up. After 4 hours it randomly turned itself back on and was fine, so I thought I'd still try this model for my personal phone and hope it was just a fluke with my work one.

So within the first few days of using it, I did all the upgrades and everything, I noticed that even when I was in an area that Wind says is full coverage and well within the zone, it would switch to roaming randomly. I'm not talking like, I'm at the edge of a wind zone and it's iffy, I'm in the middle of downtown Calgary and it switches to roaming for 10 minutes then switches back, over and over. It was annoying, because I like listening to the radio and the phone was set up to turn off data usage in roaming zones, so my music would randomly shut off every 10 minutes. After 2 days of having it, it did the same thing my work phone did. Powered down, with a full battery, and nothing would turn it back on. I waited a few days to see if it would randomly start like my other one did, and it wouldn't. I tried replacing the battery, I tried charging it, plugging it into a computer, nothing would make it go.

I brought it back to a Wind store, a different one from the one I bought it at, and told the girl my issues. She takes apart my phone, looks at it, then puts it back in the box and tells me she can't help me because I can only go back to the Wind store I bought it at within the first 30 days.

So I went to work, planning on going to the other store later that day, and went through to try one last time with the phone - and realized the girl at the first Wind store had taken out the SIM card and hadn't put it back in.

I tried calling their number, and it went right to an automated message that this number was not currently available. I tried several times throughout the day. I called the Wind customer service line to see if I had the right number, and I did. So I called the mall information to see if maybe they had changed it, and the girl at information told me, "We get calls every single day about Wind, they keep their phones unplugged. I've told them so many times to plug it in because I'm sick of getting calls that no one can get through, and they don't".

So I just went to the initial store, and told them that my phone stopped working, and the manager went on a 10 minute lecture about how I was supposed to do all the software upgrades once it started so I "wouldn't break the phone". I told him, that's the first thing I do when I get a phone is to make sure all the versions of everything are upgraded, I did it for this phone, and he wouldn't believe me.

I told him at that point, the phone hadn't worked for longer than 2 days, I received horrid customer service from multiple Wind locations, and I just wanted out of the account and to return the phone. If I've had this amount of customer service issues within the first week, I'd rather go with a different company. He checked my account, and I met the conditions to return the phone itself (either under 14 days or under I think it was 30 minutes usage), so he took it back, issued me a return for the $99 I paid down on the phone and held the number so I could keep my number when I switched to Bell (which was one piece of good CS).

I walked out and across the mall to Bell, got the number transferred to a new Bell contract, and got a good deal on an iPhone 5.

I thought that was the end of it.

Until I started getting emails from Wind saying that my bill was due, I'd log into the account and notice a monthly charge, so I called Wind and told them the above story, that my number isn't even registered with them any more, and I cancelled my account and returned the phone. They said okay, they'd fix it, and hung up.

Then the next month, I got another bill, this time not for a monthly charge but for the full amount of the phone on the WindTab, $500.

I called them back up:

Me: "When I cancelled my account, I also returned the phone - the phone hadn't worked for more than 2 days, I got the downpayment back from the phone and was told everything would be closed."
Wind: "You need to send us the return receipt"
Me: "It's been 2 months since I returned the phone, I assumed it was okay to not hold onto it any more, can't you get a copy through the Wind store I bought it at?"
Wind: "Yes, I can give them a call, here's your reference number if you want to call back and check on the status".

I stopped receiving Wind emails, so I assumed I was okay, until yesterday I got a notice from a collections agency that I need to pay the $500 for the phone that I returned.

I called them back up,

Wind: "You need to send us the return receipt"
Me: "Last time I called in the rep said that she'd work with the Wind store I bought it from to get that"
Wind: "You must be mistaken, we don't EVER do that, you need to work with the Wind store to get a copy and send it to us"

I call the wind store I bought it from

Me: "I'm having an issue with the customer service line and they're saying I need to get a copy of the return receipt sent to them"
Windstore: "No, you need to call customer service and billing, we don't deal with this stuff"
Me: "They're telling me I need to deal with you
Windstore: "No, you definitely need to deal with them, but you can call back when my manager is here"


Worst customer service ever, I'm so glad I didn't keep them as my cell provider longer than the few days they were.

Let's see what happens at 2pm today when I call back for the manager.

tldr; Wind had crappy customer service, wind zones that didn't really work anyways and kept switching to roaming even in the middle of major cities, a cell that conked out fully within the first few days of usage, an employee who took my SIM card out and didn't give it back, a store that kept their phone unplugged on purpose... They let me return the phone and cancel my account, but are now taking me to collections for the amount of the phone - that I RETURNED - and neither Wind Customer Service or the store I bought it from are helping out at all, they keep pointing me to the other.
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