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I hate going to USPS to mail stuff, but hey, I love my Mom back home in Australia and, bless her, she loves American stuff, so it's a necessary evil. I put up with the long lines, the complete lack of pens and supplies, and the ever-increasing costs. But was special.

My number gets called, and I bring my parcel up to the counter. The woman puts it on the scales, and starts entering the information on the custom form s-l-o-w-l-y. Oh my God, so slowly. Then she asks me the value. Um, it's written on the form, but I tell her $42. $32? No, $42. Oh. She continues. She asks me about every single thing I wrote on there. My handwriting is fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is, but I guess she just wants to be thorough. At this point, it's been about 10 minutes. She then stops and asks the other woman serving if I can send coffee to Australia. She's told I can. She continues.

Eventually, she moves on to entering the addresses. She then tells me that the postcode I'm sending to is invalid. She reads it out to me, I confirm it's correct. She says it's not. I say it is (I've send a LOT of packages to my Mom in the past year, I know what her postcode is). She tries to turn her monitor around so I can see the error message, but it won't turn that far, so she reads it out to me. It's asking for a 5 digit postcode. Australian postcodes are 4 digits. I tell her this. She says, why don't we put a zero in front of it? I say, that would be an incorrect postcode. She's getting quite rude by this point and insisting I'm wrong. I insist she asks someone for help, since it is way beyond clear to me that she has no idea what she's doing. Eventually, the other woman comes over and tells her that she's supposed to be entering the sender's (me!) information. She then starts arguing with the woman who's helping her, saying she already did that. Finally, she accepts she was wrong, and starts entering everything again. She did apologise for the delay, at the end.

But seriously, I was at her counter for half an hour. To mail one parcel. I'm sorry, I know jobs are hard to get these days, but if you can't type faster than, say, 5 words per minute, perhaps you shouldn't be working a job that requires you to type a lot. I hope my parcel gets there ok.
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