Eve (aoife) wrote in bad_service,

Inaccessible Buses

Fine. I understand you still run some inaccessible buses in this city. Really I do. But when at the bus station you have a passenger in a wheelchair trying to use a normally accessible route to get to a hospital appointment, the correct response is not "the earliest accessible bus on that route will be in four hours, try using this alternative route that will take two hours instead of ten minutes".

I ended up taking a taxi. And putting in a complaint, but I don't hold out much hope of anything happening because the member of staff provided an 'alternative route' - which was probably all they were authorised to do. It just wasn't a feasible alternative route.

And second suck, same company ... I didn't get your bus number, but you're suppose to make the women with buggies fold the monstrosities to let a wheelchair user on, not abandon them in sub zero conditions. "I can't get you on the bus, there's no space," when there's no wheelchair passenger already aboard is not the correct answer. Especially when you yell it from your nice warm cab and another passenger has to tell me what you said.

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