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Another post reminded me of some bad service I received a couple weeks ago while I was at Sonny's with my ex-boyfriend (we had actually just broken up a few months prior and were trying to remain friends).

We were taken to our table by the hostess, and she hadn't realized it hadn't been bussed yet, so we had to stand there for a few seconds and wait for her to clean it off for us (this isn't the bad service part - shit happens). While we were standing there talking, another waitress rushed by us and said "get a room" in a joking manner. I looked at Matt, then looked at her with a "what the fuck is wrong with your brain" look. She got this worried look on her face and kept on saying, "I'm joking, I'm joking!"

After we were seated for a few minutes (THANKFULLY with a different waitress, or I would've gotten up and left), the waitress came to the table and said, "I think you misunderstood me - I said 'coming through...'" I still looked at her like she was from Mars, because it was pretty obvious that she said "get a room," not "coming through," and she was just trying to cover her ass so she wouldn't get complained about.

Given the circumstances of the situation (being there with my ex-boyfriend), it was more than a little awkward. I was flabbergasted that a waitress would say something like that.
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