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Maintenance Guy WTF - Trigger warnings apply

Thank you, dear guy for coming here in my hour of need, fixing the plug socket in the wall, the nightstand drawer and checking the wardrobe only to declare it terrible and in need of replacement. Thank you.

No, really, I'm pleased. I want a new wardrobe - and bookcase, and bed, would be nice but I'll start with the wardrobe.

Just... please to not be giving out your views on why the British police should be enforcing CIA torture rules a la Guantanamo Bay on the criminal classes of North Wales. Please. Really. Or why you think that the British police are a load of tosspots and how they should have handled the search for April Jones or the questionnng of her alleged killer. Or why the American prison population are all getting raped because of some prisons' decision for inmates to wear pink.

Didn't ask for you to go ANYWHERE NEAR such subjects, didn't want for you to go down that route, didn't need to hear that kind of thing outside of a newspaper or a debate hearing.

Just.... stop please?

*facepalming so hard right now* I think this place is becoming my new student finance. >.> Not to mention the fact that I am now officially being gouged for rent.

Oddly Coloured Hoofed Mammal: Personal opinions are personal, and unless I'm your friend or in your family, I don't wanna know. >.>
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