Noalani Auroras (m32446) wrote in bad_service,
Noalani Auroras

I knew better, really

I'm not new to the internet, and I really should have known better. I placed an order from The reviews are pretty bad, but they seemed to be improving recently. Ordered three items, all shipped separately. First two got here just fine. Third came FedEx, and I watched the tracking. Whee, it's here! Boyfriend was super excited, as it was his birthday present, a remote control helicopter. Because he’s not actually a professional 20-something, he’s a 12 year old. Boys.

Anyway, we got get the box from the mail box, and are confused. It is obviously not a helicopter. Wrong size, wrong shape. Get home, open the box, and we have a train set. Well, boo. I check out their FAQ, nothing about wrong items. So send an email asking about it. Supposedly, they answer all inquiries within 24 hours. Not so much. I sent the request in about 36 hours ago now, and no response. So, I open up a live chat with their customer service. Explain what happened, they apologize, say sorry but the helicopter is sold out, so we’ll just refund you the cost and if you could ship back the train set, that’d be great. That’s fine. But THEN, he says that I need to ship this train set back, pay for it myself, then send the receipt and tracking information to them via email, and they will reimburse me via in-store credit. Ah, no. I don’t want credit; I have no intention of ever ordering from them again. But I don’t feel like debating this via keyboard so I call their CS phone line. Talk to the nice sounding guy about the problem, and he reiterates their policy. I have to ship this thing back on my own dime. And once I’ve shipped it, I can get a credit in the amount of shipping. I reiterate that this is unacceptable. He puts me on hold to get some guidance from a supervisor. And comes back. Still the same.

So. Their policy is suck, and I’m not entirely sure what to do. Any experience or tips?

EDIT: And as a note, I went on to the website and saw that they are still selling the helicopter. Same model, same price. Why did they tell me it was sold out? The boy was super excited about it, and he was really disappointed when I told him he wasn't getting it. ARGH. Back to the phone...
EDIT 2: So, I called again, and this time I'd be getting in-store credit for the return so I can reorder the helicopter. They can't just ship it to me, I'd have to order it again.
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