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Unbelievably Stupid UPS Service

Some facts, first, before I go into details: I live in a new construction house with my sister and a roommate that was built only 5 months ago (and we've lived in it for 3). I realize that this sometimes causes problems with delivery, however my sister, myself and our roommate have all talked to UPS, FedEx AND the postal service several times over the last three months explaining the situation and giving directions multiple times. We were each assured that the matter had been fixed, and that 'this time' would be the last they'd mess up delivery of a package.

For the postal service and Fedex, things have gone pretty smooth! For UPS...not so much

On 1/15 our roommate was supposed to have gotten a package of a personal nature delivered by UPS. She got a text from UPS saying it had been delivered at 4:05pm and the package had been signed for. She had been home all day and hadn't seen hide or hair of her package, and certainly hadn't signed for anything.

I should note that the last five-six times we've had deliveries from UPS we've had to give the driver directions to the house every. single. time. And every single time they tell us a notation has been added to the address, that it's a 'green address' and it has been 'found before', only to repeat the process over the next time because, mysteriously, it's never in the system. I've even had someone tell me that UPS actually has two systems, and the address has to be correct in both for the delivery to happen (then she said it was in one but not the other, but that it was a 'processing error' and she'd fix it for us.)

First she checked the next door neighbors house, because UPS has also taken to dropping their packages at our place, and vice versa despite having the correct address on the package. Not there! (also, no one was home)

She calls UPS. The first person she gets in contact with tells her that the package wasn't delivered at all because they couldn't find the address. She tells him about the text, the number the text came from etc and he abruptly transfers her. The next person tells her that the driver actually did go to the house (so they claim) but it was 'clearly abandoned' according to the driver. She asks if maybe he ended up at 20th St W, which is right across the street from us, instead of 20th Pl W, because that's also happened before. She also tells him that it's impossible it could be abandoned anyway, because there were construction workers all around the site (y'know, building houses?) and there's a gigantic 'OCCUPIED' sign out front off all the occupied houses to keep cement trucks and whatnot from parking in front and blocking people in.

The UPS person pretty much tells her that that's what the driver noted when he went to drop off the package. Roommate mentions all the other times we've called and we've been told it's been fixed.

Here's where it gets infuriating.

So roommate asks the guy where the package is, because the text said it'd been 'delivered and signed for'. The guy tells her that, yes, it was delivered, and if she had any other questions. Roommate mentions again that while that might be true, it hadn't been delivered to our house, so where the hell is the package? She's understandably panicky, because besides the fact that they were personal toys, they were expensive.

The guy tells her that the driver decided - instead of returning the package to UPS or calling her - to look up the 'most recent address change in our zip code' and delivered the package there.

The place he delivered it too? Wasn't in our zip code and is 25 miles away. Also it was signed for, but of course since a guy signed for it (roommate's a girl) the names didn't match but apparently that didn't matter? There wasn't even a single digit that matched between this address and ours.

UPS guy finally agrees that they'll send out a driver to pick it up on Monday (this was Friday). I pointed out to roommate that Monday was MLK day, so I really doubted that would happen. She mentioned that to them over the phone and was assured, repeatedly, that no they'll send out a driver. Guess what, we haven't gotten anything from them since.

Oh, and guess how we know a guy signed for it?

Later that night (as in, when roommate was sleeping) she gets a call. She answers the phone. It's a guy on the other end, and he says "So it looks like I got your package" (pervy chuckling).

Her: Who the hell are you?
Him: I got a package with your name on it, (says full name).
Her: (decides to ignore that he's saying her full name for now) Why the hell did you sign for it if it wasn't for you??
Him: It has your address (proceeds to read address) crossed out and mine on it. So it must be for me!
Her: How the hell did you get my number?
He says he opened up the package 'to see what was in it' and found her name, address, phone number and email. He then proceeds to list every. single. item. in the box and reads what it does and what it's for (these are sex toys, remember?). He clearly did it to embarrass her. She was horrified. He also made comments about some of the items, and started joking about what she could use them for.

She asks him why he would do something like that. The guy ignores her and tells her 'you need to come pick up your shit from my house tonight."
Her: I don't have a car (she walks, or we drive her).
Him: I don't give a shit. You want your stuff, right? (more pervy snickering)
Her: I'm not going out to some strangers house to pick up my shit you should have never opened in the first place.
Him: Whatever. When you want to set something up, call me with the caller id on your phone ::hangs up::

Since then, we've had no contact with UPS at all. The driver that was supposed to have picked it up on Monday obviously didn't show, and no one seems to be able to figure out what to do. She no longer wants her package at all, but a full refund because who knows what the guy did with them (or to them).

In desperation, she called the manufacturer of the toys. The lady who handled her call was beyond polite and understanding (and used language towards the guy she probably shouldn't have, but was appreciated). She told roommate 'don't you worry, sweetheart, I'll fix this all up for you." So far we can tell they've been in contact with UPS to get the package back as well (so they can refund her) but have not had any more luck than we have!

I'm at a loss of what too do. Going to the guy's house it out of the question (unless she brings the dog and we bring the baseball bat) but UPS seems to think that since it was delivered to a house, just not the RIGHT house, they're in the clear.


EDIT: Some good news? We called the UPS helpline one more time, and if we didn't get any results we'd go to the local media (we're still calling the cops on the creeper guy).

Armed with all the email, webchat and voicemail conversations we told the guy straight off that we wanted to talk to a tracking specialist, which was no problem at all. The tracking specialist we talked too was very understanding and horrified on our behalf. Here's what we found out:

There's an investigation going on about the package, and once it's resolved we'll get a call. Since the package came from Canada it might take a little longer than usual. The tracking guy agreed that what the driver did was completely out of line for what UPS is supposed to do, and confirmed that roommate's number is on file and that calling her should have been the very first thing the guy did. He also found all the other notes on the account of all the other times we've called UPS about tracking packages, and was confused as to why the last person we talked to said a driver would pick up the package from the other house on MLK day, as they don't deliver on federal holidays.

Overall we're feeling better about this. Still have the creepy perv to deal with, but I'm going to tell the workmen overlord (whoever it is that oversees construction on the site) about the guy tomorrow just to make sure we have all bases crossed along with the cops. We'll keep this updated as it goes.

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