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Bad Service Or.....?

I do not know if this counts as bad service but here goes. I look young. I am aware of this. It's not up the point of looking vastly younger than my actual age but its enough to make some people assume that I am a young teenager. That's fine in and of itself. The problem arises when I go shopping. I am an adult, which means that I shop without my parents. Most of the time when I go into a store most salespeople tend to 'ignore' me but say hello and welcome the families that come in.

That is fine, I expect that. It's not the best of situations but hey, sometimes its good because as people know, some salespeople will not leave customers alone because they want to make a sale. The problems arises when a salesperson creates attention toward my young looking appearance.

I go to the bookstore a lot. I do not have a favorite one so I tend to not be recognized by the staff. I prefer horror stories over anything else and to me old school horror writing is the best i.e. Franz Kafka and H.P Lovecraft. One day I went into a bookstore and this exchange happened.

M= Me
SP= Salesperson 

*Looking around at books, finds a Franz Kafka short story collection*
*Begins to read it and salesperson walks up to me*
*Salesperson grabs the book from me and holds it away from me*

SP: Aren't we a little too young to be reading this?
M: Excuse me? Absolutely not. Please give me back the book.
SP: If you want the book I am going to have to see your parents. This book is not meant for young children.
M: I'm twenty, I think I am old enough to be reading anything I want thank you.
SP: I need to see your parents.
M: And I need to see your manager.

So, long story short, the manager was very sorry about the whole thing, the salesperson continued to be an ass the whole entire time because he kept saying, "We really should check with her parents.", and I left feeling just a little sad because this tends to happen frequently.   
Tags: everyone here looks like a fetus
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