Gentle Impulsion (isthatmymoon) wrote in bad_service,
Gentle Impulsion

This wasn't HORRIBLE fact the service was very good, it's just something the waitress said that struck me as kind of rude.
Me and my friend went to a resturant yesterday, and we ordered an appetizer, and two dishes to share. One of the dishes came out about 10 minutes before the first one, and, being hungry, we started to eat the first one as soon as it came out. When the waitress came with our other dish, she STARED at the partially emptied serving dish (apparantly not seeing most of what was missing on the platter was on our plates already), and LOUDLY said "WOW! YOU GUYS ATE ALL OF THAT ALREADY?!?!" Her tone said "Oh my god, you PIGS!" At that, most of the people in the resturant were staring at us.
I guess it really wasn't a big deal, but it just seemed rude of her to loudly comment on the eating habits of two paying customers. You just don't say that out loud for the whole resturant to wasn't necessary to comment on anyways. It wasn't like there WAS anything to comment on! We hadn't actually EATEN all the food yet, we had just put it on our plates and were in the process of eating it. We still tipped well...I'm not a stiff...but I doubt I'll be going back there any time soon. It was just too embarassing.
I'm I overreacting, or was she rude?
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