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excuse you, mister pharmacist.

Okay wow, this is my first bs i think!

Contrary to what i was expecting, getting on testosterone was fairly easy.
Now, it seems getting the needles and syringes is going to be the difficult part.

Now, initially, when i was written the script for the T, i took it to walmart because it was the cheapest option, and next to my clinic.
The pharmacist was a very rude man, who always seems to be there when i am.
I ask a price, he's snippy and mean, and tells me that he dosent see why i even want the hormones, and informed me that i cant get high off of it. (?!?!?)

then i ask for prices on the needles and syringes, since my doctor said he'd only do the first, and the next two would be done in the clinic by me, but with supervision so i'd need them pretty soon.

He tells me he cant sell them to me, (lies) and that all of my injections MUST be done in clinic by the doctor forever. (also lies)
I try to argue, and he actually closes the shutter to the window untill i've "calmed down" (dude i wasnt even mad i was slightly annoyed)

ok, so i dont get my needles right away. decide to get my T, since its better than going home empty handed and angry.
the whole time he grumbles about "stupid kids" and is generally snippy, and gives me dirty looks while i wait. (sorry for not wandering around, walmart is boring as shit thank)
when its ready, he tosses it at me, barking at me to go to the consultation counter, where he reminds me i cant get high off of the stuff, and dont bother injecting into the vein because it wont work before sending me off.

Its like this guy is trying to expand my doctor anxiety to everything medical.
I've already reported, got told they had no proof so they couldnt do anything, and i need to deal with this douchecanoe tomorrow, since today was my second dose and i only get one more freebie and i dont even know how much this shit is gonna be, or if i can even afford it.

TL;DR: I got accused of trying to use testosterone to get high, and denied prices for vital medical accessories.
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