Saitaina (saitaina) wrote in bad_service,

Update - House Foreclosure

This is an update to the two year drama of my inherited house that's been in limbo since Sept 2010 (when my mother passed away). Bank of America still has a black hole near their fax machine (though they did manage to update the name on the account to "Estate of Michelle Loeffler", even if they don't have a record of the twenty-four faxes I sent them.

Sadly (for me), they sold the mortgage to another company, who does have a working fax machine, so while they now recognize me as the executor...they're not willing to work with me to save my house in any fashion (except handing them $20,000 for the past due payments), so I will still be forced to leave my childhood home...but hey, at least these guys realize she's dead?

Honestly, even with all this drama upcoming (movie, saying good-bye, starting over)...I'm just glad this mess is over and I can put it behind me.
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