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I realized I never posted this...

In October I had to fly out of my small local airport to Portland. I have major anxiety issues so this was a HUGE DEAL for me. But it had to be done.

At the security checkpoint I declared that I had epi-pens that couldn't go through x-ray. (The manufacturer says they shouldn't be x-rayed since the effects of x-ray on epinephrine are unknown, and the TSA website says to declare them for hand check, so I did.)

I get pulled for full pat down and search of all my items. Which included the TSA agent going through my Bible and journal with her chemical paper. o_O Seriously? And then she told me she was going to confiscate one of my medications, it comes in foil packets with the medication label on the box. I had torn the label off the box (not needing to bring a whole 12 day box) and put it in the ziplock with the medication. I asked for her supervisor at which point she said "well I guess I'll let it go."

She also insisted on unrolling my underwear and socks.

I mean, seriously? If you're going to do that can you at least do it out of view of the rest of the airport? The whole time she had this aggressive, snotty attitude with me. I made a couple of jokes and she said "Ma'am I'm not here to joke." I said that it was lame that I had to be super-screened for following the guidelines on the TSA website and she turned to me and snarled "THIS HAS A NEEDLE IN IT YOU'RE LUCKY WE'RE LETTING YOU ON THE PLANE WITH IT AT ALL." o_O Um yes, it does, and I suppose theoretically an epi-pen could be used as a weapon... but I kind of need it to save my life if someone next to me is wearing perfume or opens peanuts so I'll be saving it thanks...

When I flew out of Portland I declared them for hand-check and got pulled for for search and the screener ran the chemical paper over everything and patted me down but didn't unroll any of my clothing or go page by page through my Bible and journal. And she had a friendly, kind attitude. It made me realize just how crappy the agent at my local airport had been.

And makes me SUPER EXCITED to fly out again in Feb. =P

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